Key Considerations When Choosing Typing Services for Your Business

With audio and video transcription demands continually rising, transcription typing services continue to emerge. Many typing services are available, so finding the best one for your business can be tricky. Choosing the best typing services for your business ultimately depends on your needs.

Many businesses will blindly choose a transcription service solely based on price; however, this could result in low-quality transcription that won’t meet your needs. Choosing a typing service with inaccurate results can be frustrating and a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

If you want to choose the exemplary transcription service that is most suitable for your business, knowing what to look for is crucial. Here are some key considerations when selecting typing services for your business.

What are Transcription Typing Services?

A typing service converts any documentation into different formats, such as electronic files such as PDF, Microsoft Word, or print-ready documents. Businesses worldwide rely on transcription typing services to provide typed-up records of any vital information that could be used in the future. Typing services give a wide range of unique benefits that can make your business safer and more profitable.

What Type of Transcription Typing Services Are There?

There are two types of transcription typing services: automated and manual. Automated transcriptions may sound more manageable, but sometimes they have downsides. We’ll discuss both types to help you choose the most suitable typing service for your business.

Automated Transcription

Automated transcription uses computer software. Using this approach, audio files are uploaded, and the automated transcription begins, providing a document with the words. Automated transcriptions, however, can be inaccurate, so it’s not the best option in legal or formal situations.

Manual Transcription

The second kind of transcription is manual transcription. When using this option, your audio files will be transcribed by a human. Audio files transcribed by humans are more advantageous because they can detect and correct errors.

Files transcribed by humans are nearly flawless in execution when completed by a professional typing service.

Top Considerations When Choosing Typing Services for Your Business

Below are some of our top considerations when choosing transcription typing services for your business.

Don’t Focus on Price

When choosing an exemplary typing service, everyone wants the best price, and understandably so. However, getting the best price isn’t always considered the cheapest one. One thing to consider is that you won’t always receive the desired results for your money.

When looking for high-quality typing services, there’s a rare chance that the cheapest ones will deliver the desired results that meet your needs. More affordable transcription services use ASR technology (automated speech recognition) instead of humans transcribing each word.

Accuracy Level

Accuracy level is one of the top elements to consider when picking the best typing service for your business. Like any service, you won’t know the accuracy level until you try it out. With that said, sometimes you’ll need to try out several services, and sometimes you’ll even be able to request a sample of their work to make your decision.

Whether or not the typing service was recommended to you by a friend or family member, you’ll still want to know if they are credible and their accuracy level. By hiring a typing service with the best accuracy level, you can rest easy knowing your data is accurate and reliable. A correctly transcribed document can make or break your business, depending on the field.

Importance of Skill & Location

Transcription is a challenging field that demands distinctive skill sets and the ability for someone to multitask. Those who specialize in specific areas are required to have additional knowledge.

The point of trusting in a typing service is to reduce your company’s workload and not to burden you with additional hours of work. When choosing the best typing service, you’ll want to ensure the service has employees that speak your required language.

If you have a non-native transcription writer that has poor language skills, this may present problems with grammar, spelling, and other phrases. Consider searching “typing service near me” to find local typing services to manage your company’s transcriptions. Some of the benefits of hiring a local typing service are

Native speakers can understand your required language needs
Your requested transcriptions will require native speakers to comprehend the tone to retain different language variations
Can aid in completing projects in a timely manner
If the typing services are in your city, you can meet in person with their representatives

Type of Transcription

When choosing the right typing services, it’s essential to know which types of transcriptions are available. The main types of transcription are full-verbatim, verbatim, and detailed notes.

1. Full-verbatim – Full-verbatim transcription will transcribe everything that is recorded. Whether something is repeated, it will still be recorded, including noises. For legal situations, full-verbatim transcribing typing services are helpful where every detail is needed. This typing service costs more since it’s more challenging and includes more information.

2. Verbatim – Verbatim transcription typing services provide a cleaner transcription of your recording instead of the exact transcription. Repetitions are eliminated, but you will still receive the full-detailed recording in an easy-to-read format.

Verbatim transcription is often called “clean verbatim.” Verbatim typing services deliver better outcomes and cost less than full-verbatim.

3. Detailed Notes – Detailed notes go further than verbatim typing services and can remove irrelevant conversations. This typing service also better summarizes parts that aren’t as important to the topic. When choosing the exemplary typing service for your business, it’s essential to know that sometimes services are known in different terms.

Audio Formatting

When choosing a typing service, the service should be able to transcribe various types of audio formats. Working with a typing service that can transcribe audio formats will save your business time converting the files yourself. In most cases, audio formats depend on the kind of project that is being worked on.

You can choose a transcription typing service to handle these conversions. These conversions are helpful when you require copies to be converted to media.


Being able to upload large files can sometimes be difficult for businesses. Due to this reason, the typing service that you choose should be capable of supporting large files. A good typing service can support one gigabyte or more per recording.

Another feature you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a typing service is if they can put time stamps on their transcripts. Having time stamps on transcripts will allow your business to analyze recordings for more efficient monitoring. You might also want to choose a typing service that provides templates.

Once your files are transcribed, the typing service should be able to deliver the completed project, mainly through email. Email is the best-chosen method as it allows sharing files with multiple businesses.

Turnaround Times

Another essential element to consider is the turnaround times. How fast the typing service can deliver results and meet their deadlines is vital when standing out. Whether or not the document you’re requesting is long or short, the best typing services can keep up with tight deadlines.

One way to ensure a service can keep up with your workload is to inquire about their turnaround time for bulk files. The most experienced typing services give realistic timelines as to when they can deliver results. The best typing services can provide high-quality work even under the tightest deadlines.

Research Skills

Another element to take into consideration is the type of research skills that the typing service has. It’s not uncommon that the service is unfamiliar with a word or phrase that is used by your business. In case this comes up, it’s suitable for a typing service to have efficient research skills.

To ensure their transcriptions are accurate, typing services must utilize their research skills when transcribing for your business. No matter how unfamiliar the company is, a typing service should be prepared to take on any challenge. This ability shows the commitment the typing service will make to your business and will help you stand out against competitors.


Many business transcriptions include private meetings, conference calls, and other sensitive material. As a business, you need to know that the data you send them is confidential and secure. When choosing the best typing service, conduct thorough research to see if there have been any data leaks from previous companies.

If there is a data leak, this can be exceedingly hurtful to your business. Some of the best transcription typing services go the extra mile to ensure their client’s information remains confidential and secure. Spend your spare time learning about the confidentiality precautions that are taken by your chosen service.

Sets High Standards

When choosing your typing service, you’ll want to ensure that the company sets high standards for its staff. Typing service websites typically have career pages listed on their website. Look at the hiring requirements for their service to see what kind of professionals they usually hire.

Do they like to hire experienced transcriptionists or those who want to work from home? These are things to consider that may determine the quality of work you receive from their service.


Although typing services are similar, each service has its unique formatting. Your business will want to ensure that the typing service has the skills and experience to deliver just what you’re asking for.


The software and other technical equipment that typing services use is also another element to take into consideration when choosing the best service for your company. A service that isn’t equipped with the appropriate equipment may not be able to perform the job that you need. When a typing service invests in proper equipment, this means they can spend additional time researching and sharpening their knowledge to deliver the best results.

One type of equipment that many transcription services use is a WAV (foot pedal). The foot pedal allows the typing service to save time by not requiring hand movements that would force you to take your fingers off the keys. When a typing service invests the money and time in proper equipment, this will help them speed up and become more proficient.

Read Reviews

After choosing a typing service, you don’t want to discover that you chose the wrong one. When selecting an exemplary typing service, you should be confident that you chose one that is reliable, trustworthy, credible, and will deliver high-quality results. Just like any service, reading reviews are essential.

Before dishing out money, determine what you need from a typing service. Knowing what kind of transcription you’re looking for will give you the best value for your buck. To avoid shelling out money that goes to waste, reading reviews is a must.

When reading reviews, you’ll be able to see how other businesses rated the typing service, whether they received quality results, or if there are any additional hidden fees. Conduct the proper research to ensure the typing service is up to your standards and that they are trustworthy.

Why You Should Choose Transcription Typing Services for Your Business

There are several reasons as to why you should choose transcription typing services for your business. Here are a few crucial examples to keep in mind.


One of the main reasons why your business should use a typing service is for communication. This mainly occurs if your company has audio files that must be used to communicate, but a text document is preferred.

Notes for Presentations

If your business needs a presentation in text formatting, you’ll also need it transcribed to an audio file. To transcribe it to an audio file, there’s no way to get around it; you must use a typing service.


If your business has a podcast, which is becoming more common, turning that into text can allow you to reach a larger audience.

Who Benefits the Most From Transcription Typing Services?

There are several types of businesses and clients who need transcription typing services. Text files of audio or video recordings are beneficial, especially in extreme circumstances.


Some of the top users of typing services are lawyers, court reports, and law firms. These professionals, in particular, need transcriptions of statements, hearings, depositions, and other kinds of recorded evidence. Typing services can provide judges and lawyers with transcripted audio or video files.

These files are then able to be played in a court hearing. When choosing a typing service for your business, if it’s related to legal matters, you’ll want to more than likely choose one that can transcribe in full verbatim.

Medical Field

Healthcare providers and health practitioners often request typing services for patient notes, different procedures, and any other materials that must go into a patient’s medical record. Depending on the material, you’ll want to choose a typing service to make verbatim or detailed notes.


People in education may require transcription typing services for interviews, research, or class lectures since they are sometimes in audio and video format. Many universities offer recorded material when taking online classes.

Market Researchers

Market researchers use transcription typing services to have written documentation or interviews, or other feedback and data. Market researchers must have clean and highly accurate data from precise responses.

Business Sectors

For the business sector, choosing an exemplary typing service is critical to expanding your outreach. You can use transcription typing services to store meetings, phone calls, and other interviews since it’s faster to find documentation.

In addition to those mentioned above, several other types of businesses use typing services. People in organizations such as freelance, marketing consultants, and authors. These types of companies need transcription typing services for text versions of audio and video files to upload the data to their websites.


Choosing the best typing service for your business can be challenging. However, by taking these elements into consideration, you can make an informed decision that best suits the needs of your business. In addition, you must continue to ask questions about the typing service before making your final decision.

If your business is seeking high-quality and accurate transcriptions, make sure you do thorough research and get quotes from credible typing services. The main part of getting the best transcript is knowing your options and picking the exemplary typing service. Once you know what you need, it’s all downhill from there!

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