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 My Bio

3rd Year Cancer Biology and Immunology student at the University of Bristol offering interactive, in-depth and engaging biology tutoring sessions to help your child reach the highest grade possible!
Through my experience living abroad and learning a new language I understand how it feels to not understand. Therefore, I am driven to help you break down difficult concepts in biology into easily understood key information from which you can build in-depth knowledge around.

My experience of moving to France at age 14 meant that I had to learn without being able to understand the language, this unique experience allows me to tailor my sessions to everyone’s unique level of understanding.
I will make sure that my students understand key information that they can build their in-depth knowledge around using specific techniques such as summarizing, active recall, blended learning, peer instruction (group sessions only), brainstorming and cooperative learning between myself and the student.
I will personally review specific curriculums for each of my students to ensure that the required learning objectives are being met and that my student is reaching their full potential.

I look forward to seeing you in my classroom soon!

My Subjects

 My Experience:

I have worked as a private tutor for the past 2 years, tutoring a variety of subjects from KS3 to A-level. These subjects include biology, chemistry, physics and maths (to GCSE level). Additionally, I have worked for the University of Bristol to create teaching resources for first year Cellular and Molecular Medicine students and aided professors in facilitating the sessions these resources are used in.
These experiences have taught me the skills necessary to help young people engage in learning and see success in their academic goals. An essential part of this process is delivering interesting and interactive tutoring sessions allowing the student to decide where they want to go with their learning.

Additionally to these experiences I am an active member of the Bristol Debating Union and facilitate training sessions to my peers on a biweekly basis.


 My Qualifications:

On track for a First class degree studying Cancer Biology and Immunology (MSci) at the University Of Bristol.

A-Level equivalents: Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), History (A*), English Literature (A*).

At the age of 14 I moved from the UK to France and therefore studies my GCSE and A-level equivalents in France.
I am native in English and fluent in French.


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