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Mi-Tra Tran

Hi, I’m Mi-Tra! I’m a second-year medical student at Imperial College London.

I fell in love with Biology and Chemistry back in Year 9 when I was starting my early-entry GCSEs. The concepts were eye-opening when I finally understood them, and I felt a great sense of satisfaction when science explained things in the world we live in, from the classic photosynthesis to carbon compounds.

I still vividly remember what being a GCSE student is like, with piles of other subjects looming around the corner. I’m here to take off some of that burden and help to explain concepts in ‘student-terms’. Equipped with all my GCSE/IB Biology and Chemistry notebooks (which I’ve still hoarded over the years), I will provide exam tips and tricks in my lessons. From time to time, I help my younger brother with KS3 science too.

In my spare time, I like to do a little art, whether it be painting or drawing. I love creative things, and hopefully you’ll find my slides visually appealing too!

Overall, I hope to work together with students to uncover challenging concepts in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Feel free to ask tons of questions! I look forward to meeting you.

I will be tutoring Biology Key stages 3-4 and Chemistry Key stages 3-4.

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Personal grades:
International Baccalaureate: 38 points total, with Level 7 in HL Biology and Level 6 in HL Chemistry.
GCSE: 9, 9, 9, 7A*, 4A, Distinction*, (with grades A* in Chemistry, A in Biology)


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  1. Verified Reviews

    As one of my Higher Biology students Mi-Tra always presented herself as a conscientious and diligent learner. Her approach to her studies was always pragmatic, she was keen to learn but always willing to help others along the way, displaying patience and empathy when assisting less able students in the class with difficult concepts. This trait will stead her well in her chosen field of medicine, and her selfless commitment to others in need is a highly respectable quality.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Mi-Tra to pass on her knowledge to other students junior to her. In lesson and with regards to private study she always was, and I am sure still is, dedicated to her studies. I am fully confident she will be suitable for the post.

    Mr R. Roberts

    Former Biology Teacher of Mi-Tra at Dartford Grammar School

  2. Verified Reviews

    Please accept the following as a reference request on behalf of Mi-Tra Tran who would make an excellent tutor. Mi-Tra demonstrated high levels of independence during her time studying the International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Programme as she expertly balanced commitments across six subjects, an enrichment programme composed of creativity, activity and service elements, a four thousand word extended essay and an additional commitment to the exploration of a course titled ‘theory of knowledge’. Mi-Tra regularly offered insightful contributions within lessons that evidenced secure levels of knowledge and understanding and was able to articulate her thoughts with aplomb when conveying chemical principles. As such, Mi-Tra’s high quality exposition will undoubtedly serve her well as a tutor. Finally, Mi-Tra is a personable young woman whose temperament is aptly suited to the role of a tutor. I can confirm that I am not a family member and agree that the reference may be shared with pupils on your tutor’s website bio”.

    Mr D. Foster

    Former Chemistry Teacher of Mi-Tra at Dartford Grammar School

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