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I take pride in providing high-quality biology tuition tailored to students at various levels, from Year 1 to Year 13.
I employ interactive and innovative teaching methods to make biology engagingto all my students. I customize each lesson to meet the unique learning needs of my students. My comprehensive approach not only helps students gain a solid understanding of biology but also nurtures their analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Through my teaching style of constant testing and referring to the specification – I ensure all knowledge is not only thoroughly learnt, but also retained and applied effectively.

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 My Experience:

I have taught many students from various backgrounds, from KS3 to University.

I myself have been teaching for 4+ years now, with over 400+ hours of experience.

I have been grateful to pick up and adapt to many teaching styles along the way, to make sure I can tailor my learning to everyones needs.

My teaching style is very interactive, I like to make sure the students are engaged, often by using a whiteboard of some sort.

I often encourage students to have a go at trying to solve the problem first before then giving them help, as this boosts learning.

I also love to consolidate theory we have learnt by using many exam questions, to really make sure we can apply the knowledge we have learnt accurately.


 My Qualifications:

Hello Everyone !

My name is Sai, I am a second year Medical student at the university of Bristol :)

My grades for GCSE were 69/72 (best 8) with 9s in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science

I also got 8s in English Language and English Literature and also Geography.

I studied Maths, Biology and Chemistry for A levels, getting AAA

I recieved 2910 in my UCAT and a 12.3 and 4A in my BMAT

I also recieved interviews for Uni of Southampton and Uni of Leicester, getting offers for both there too.


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