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I have a love of learning and teaching chemistry which led to my career in medicine. Chemistry is often regarded as the toughest of the three core science subjects; when I was at school I found that I spent a lot of time struggling to understand concepts and their relevance. I really benefited from spending time understanding the basics and from there I learned to enjoy delving into the more complicated topics in chemistry. Chemistry is such an exciting subject to teach and learn once these basics are understood and my time as a doctor has proved the importance of the application of the fundamentals of chemistry that I learned at GCSE and A-Level. My qualifications are A* at GCSE and A at A-Level as well as a degree in Medicine from the University of Southampton. I hope that I can not only improve the grades for your child but also develop a genuine interest for this subject.

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 My Experience:

Southampton Medical School 2015-21 & Colchester Hospital 2021-22
While a junior doctor and at medical school I would present topics and be part of teaching classes on a monthly basis. As a doctor I taught medical students on the ward rounds and give presentations about topics that they requested. This included topics of anatomy, biology and biochemistry which required understanding of the fundamentals of biology and chemistry.


 My Qualifications:

2021 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at University of Southampton
2019 BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary University of London- 2:1
2018 BMedSci (Hons) at University of Southampton
2015 A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and History - A*AA
2014 AS Level in Mathematics- A
2013 GCSEs in Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, English Language, English Literature, French and Spanish - 10 A*s


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