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Unlock your potential in A-Level Classical Civilisations (AQA spec) with expert tutoring services tailored to your needs! With a deep understanding of ancient cultures, literature, and historical contexts, I provide personalized lessons to help you master the curriculum, improve your analytical skills, and achieve top grades. Whether you’re struggling with the intricacies of ancient texts or need help with essay writing and exam preparation, my comprehensive approach will ensure you gain confidence and excel in your studies. Let’s embark on this journey into the classical world together and make your academic goals a reality!

I have experience with the Roman and Greek philosophers, the playwrights and the poets, along with great understanding of the Odyssey, the Aeneid and the Illiad.

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 My Experience:

Hi! My name is Isabella Linton, and I am a fourth year student in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow. Whilst at university, I have taken classes in classical civilisations and history, and with my high a-level grades in these subjects, I am well versed and well rounded in them. I have taught a small class in Classical Civilisations at the sixth form level, whereupon I coached Year 13s on how to answer questions on all three Classical Civ units and how to address exam questions and novel analysis.

As a previous head girl in my college and a tutor in the past, I can demonstrate skills and practice in PowerPoint presentations, interactive lesson plans, research and IT skills. I am very well organised and have an excellent record of punctuality, attendance and progress - my hard-work in secondary school was recognized and I was put into a High achievers group, where I could focus more closely on my work and opportunities for university, with awards won in English and for reading skills. I was accepted into the University of Oxford but turned it down due to Glasgow fulfilling my degree interests more thoroughly. I was officially assessed by my school as a “Gold Standard” student, meaning I achieve the highest levels of academic success; as well as punctuality, attendance, and effort.
At school I was considered an all-rounder, achieving well across the Humanities, Arts and Sciences. In sixth form I was in the Russell Group higher achievers’ group, which helped me to receive offers for five Russell Group universities.
I was accepted into the K+ programme for Kings College University where I successfully completed the two year 'Languages and Literature' programme to focus on getting into a good university, along with the Oxford UNIQ Classics (Rome) programme and the 2 week Royal Holloway Humanities programme, all of which I completed to a high standard.
I was accepted into the Pembroke Cambridge Summer School but this was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Due to my thorough experience in summer programmes and my Oxbridge acceptance, alongside my own university experience, I can coach and advise you on creating the best application for university if this is something you are looking for assistance with alongside my subjects.


 My Qualifications:


● 9 - English Literature
● 8 - English Language
● 5 - Mathematics
● 9 - Food preparation & nutrition / technology.
● L2D1 - Health and social care
● (5, 5) - Combined Science
● 8 - Religious studies
● 7 - History
● 5 - French
● 8 - Citizenship

(A-level) Results :
● Religious studies - A
● History - A
● Classical civilisations - A*
● EPQ- A*

University successful offers: Oxford - Glasgow - Manchester - Newcastle - King’s College London
Current education: University of Glasgow, Sept 2021 - July 2025
I am currently on track for a 1:1.


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