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Latin (KS3-5)
Classical Greek (KS3-5)
Classical Studies (KS3-5)


University of St Andrews, MLitt (Hons) Classics, graduated with Merit

University of St Andrews, MA (Hons) Classics, 2:1 classification

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I’m a recent masters classics graduate from the University of St Andrews (MLitt 2019, MA 2018) with a passion for bringing the ancient world to life. My university education has given me a truly diverse experience across the subject, from fragments of 3rd century BC archaic Latin oratory, to the sordid family drama of Euripides and Aeschylus, to studies on the production of (unappetising) fish-sauce across the Roman Empire. I understand how hard it can be for beginners to get to grips with ancient language and literature and, having completed the OCR Latin GCSE and A-Level courses at school only a few years ago, I’m also familiar with common set texts, the kind of questions asked, as well as the answers examiners are looking for. So, whether your goal is to pin down the grammar skills needed to get that top grade in your GCSE or A-Level language exam, understand exactly how Athenian democracy worked, or just to get better at the very basics, I’d love to help!

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    Samuel Murray will prove an outstanding tutor. He is highly intelligent, extremely focused, mature, professional and diligent. His studies at King Edward VI, Stratford upon Avon and at the University of St Andrews have given him a very strong command of both Latin and Greek language, and his deep enthusiasm for classical learning is apparent. Samuel’s thoughtful and patient manner will ensure his students feel exceptionally well-supported in their studies, but also challenged by his high standards.

    Judith Affleck

  2. Verified Reviews

    I am writing in support of Sam Murray’s application to teach Latin and Greek.

    Although I have never taught either Latin or Greek to Sam myself, I have known him since 2016, first as his Honours Adviser and afterwards as Director of the Masters programme in Classics while he was a student here (2018-2019). I have also taught him Roman history at masters level, and read his coursework for that semester. As a consequence, I feel very comfortable in recommending Sam in the most enthusiastic terms.

    For the entire period I have known him, Sam has never failed to impress me. He is well organised, responsible, hard-working, and respectful. His professional ethic will make him an outstanding teacher and colleague. He has, furthermore, great skills for any professional environment: a fast learning student, intelligent and methodical in his work, with an excellent critical mind that allows him to approach any situation in a creative and efficient way. During his period in St Andrews, he proved himself to be able to think outside the box while also making the most of the advice and teachings of members of staff, tutors, and colleagues.

    Please let me know if you need any further information.

    With best wishes,

    Carlos Machado

    Senior Lecturer in Ancient History

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