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Hi, I’m Joe. I am a third-year Biochemistry student at Lancaster University. I love my course and I have had a great enthusiasm for learning and discovering more about our world since as long as I can remember.

For my GCSEs, I achieved A*s in Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics and an A in Biology, History and both English Language and English Literature. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths A levels in which I achieved three As. I am currently studying for a Bachelors degree and I am on track for a First.

I have always marvelled at how intricate and complicated the world around us is. As a child, I loved investigating and testing out mini theories and hypotheses. This passion has stayed with me throughout my years and now I especially enjoy learning and discovering about all kinds of science, especially about the molecular world!

My enthusiasm for teaching began through helping my younger siblings with their homework and teaching them throughout lockdown.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and playing sports especially boxing, running and football!

Biology: Key Stages 3-5
Chemistry: Key Stages 3-5
Physics: Key Stages 3-4
Combined Science: Key Stages 3-5
Maths: Key Stages 3-4

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  1. your alt in comments

    Harrison Pardoe

    Joseph has managed , in a short space of time ,to make a subject that our daughter had unfortunately missed almost 2 years of be accessible and have realistic expectations for GCSE. From lesson 1 nothing has been too much trouble .

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