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The most important aspect of learning any subject is to be fully engaged in the content. Currently within my third year studying Economics at the University of Bristol, this is absolutely the most valuable study-skill I have learnt. My unique ways to engage with content has even helped within the real world during my internship at a ‘big-four’ accountancy firm!

Allowing those I tutor to be fully focused whilst learning the subject is therefore my top priority. I achieve this through personalising content for each student and keeping learning techniques varied. This could be through looking at real-life examples, considering different ways of thinking or actively visualising the concepts. To help practice and assess what needs more work, I will also be providing a steady flow of practice questions.

I achieved a 9 in GCSE Business and an A* in A-level Economics, and this was obtained through the approach outlined above. Having achieved these results in 2019 and 2021, I understand what the current curriculum/exams require. I will try to tailor any learning with these requirements in mind.

I look forward to meeting and helping students improve in Economics!

My Subjects

 My Experience:

Zero Gravity Tutor - Tutoring 16–18 year-olds (October 2022- present)


 My Qualifications:

Currently Attending:
BSc Economics - University of Bristol (Third Year)

A* - Economics
A* - Mathematics
A* - Physics
A - Further Mathematics

Relevant GCSEs:
Mathematics - 9
Business - 9
Physics - 9
AQA Level 1/2 Certificate - Further Mathematics - Grade A*


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