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Hello, I’m Abi! I am a final year English Language and Linguistics student at Warwick University. I achieved a first (77.5%) in my second year.

I can help you with:
English (KS1-KS3)
English Language (KS1- KS5)
Geography (KS3 & KS4)
Religious Studies (KS1-KS4)
I’m also happy to help with personal statements/CVs.

I have volunteering experience in primary schools, the latest being last year in which I aided children who struggled to read, once a week for three months. I also worked in a pharmacy for 4 years, which involved constant communication and problem solving with the public.

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I have 3 A levels in English Language, Geography and Philosophy (AAA), and 11 GCSEs (7 A*s including English Language, English Literature, Geography, History, French, Food and Nutrition, Religious Studies, 1 A in Biology and 3 Bs in Maths, Chemistry and Physics).


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    As her personal tutor at university I have witnessed her excellent progress academically and socially over the last three years. I can unreservedly endorse her application to work as an online tutor for your company.

    Abi has excellent communication skills and has always been pro‐active in contacting me, as well as impressing me with the way she follows up on commitments related to our meetings. As well as having an outstanding academic record, she is knowledgeable and interesting on a range of topics, and moreover very friendly and sensitive to other people’s concerns. She would be extremely capable and competent to keep her own students engaged in learning. Abi is also very well-organised and a fantastic role model in her approach to study as well as work‐life balance. She is a well rounded person who participates in extracurricular training and in groups that signal her values and motivation to make a contribution in the world.

    These skills and attitude would benefit students in many ways, including helping them enjoy their work and building their confidence in their own abilities to succeed.

    Dr Sophie Reissner-Roubicek

  2. Verified Reviews

    Abi Booth volunteered at Clapham Terrace Primary School and Nursery as part of the University of Warwick’s Volunteering in Schools Programme. Abi came into school once a week for the spring term, January -March 2020.

    She was always punctual, polite, reliable, friendly and cheerful, and she got on very well with both the children and staff. She used her initiative and wasn’t fazed when asked to read or help out with other year groups, going beyond what was expected of her. She routinely helped for longer than an hour (the expected time) each week. She definitely had an impact on our vulnerable readers, improving outcomes over the 3 months that she helped out.

    It was a pleasure to have Abi volunteer in our school and I would thoroughly recommend her for a tutoring role.

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