English Language and Literature with Noor Zohdy

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Throughout high school, I won the yearly award for English each year, graduated in the top 5% of my class, was awarded for the highest graduating marks, and got full scores in the Advanced Placement English Exam of my final year. Even in high school, I took part-time classes at my local university on English literature and have always been pushing myself academically; in my first year at St Andrews, I achieved firsts and was awarded the Dean’s List. Recently, I have done summer research in literature at the University of Oxford; I also published a literary article this past year in St Andrews’ academic arts journal as well as a literary history article in the university’s history journal.

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 My Experience:

I was a part of my school's tutoring scheme and gave weekly support to students throughout my last year of school; after this, I was asked by one of my tutees to continue over the summer. From this experience and the various workshops I had to do initially for the programme, I have learnt much about teaching and helping others academically. I also started my high school's writing club, making meeting plans, and aiding students in their writing.


 My Qualifications:

English Language A*
English Literature A*
History A*


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