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 My Bio

Hello, I’m Arvian and I offer tutoring for English Literature KS3-KS5 and English Language KS3-KS5. I have both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English from the University of Exeter. I am currently continuing academic work by undertaking a PhD also in English. Throughout my academic career, I have studied a range of literature from across the Early Modern era to the twenty-first century which has given me a sharp eye for detail and will allow me to aid pupils to understand and analyse texts from a range of critical perspectives.

As a student myself, I am well aware of the various concerns and challenges people experience when studying English. Accordingly, I try to make my lessons as interactive as possible. My aim is to consolidate each student’s skills to successfully deal with both exams and coursework.

During previous summers, I volunteered as an English language teacher at Bogor Educare, a charitable vocational college in West Java, Indonesia, devoted to teaching professional skills to economically disadvantaged students. As well as helping students with their English this helped me to modify my approach to cater to each student’s individual learning needs.

I am very passionate about literature. My aim is to share this interest with my pupils to help them thrive academically and, just as importantly if not more so, have some fun in the process. I look forward to hearing from you!

English Language: KS3-5
English Literature: KS3-5

My Subjects

 My Experience:

1+ Year


 My Qualifications:

University of Exeter
• MA English (Distinction) 2018 – 2020
• BA English (1:1) 2015 – 2018
British School Jakarta (formerly British International School Jakarta), Indonesia
• IB score: 36 2013 – 2015
• 10 IGCSEs: (A* – B)

Bogor Educare (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) – English Language Teacher 2018
• Taught English Language at a vocational college to under-privileged Indonesian students.
• Planned lessons and created worksheets.


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    Hereby I, as the Head Program of Bogor Educare, state that Mr. Arvian Fergus Guntur
    Hesketh has performed an excellent teaching in 2018. He was responsible for Speaking class
    which was highly appreciated by the students for his interesting techniques of teaching. His
    good spoken and written communication as well as good behaviour encourage the students
    to give him full attention in the process of teaching and learning. Besides, his multicultural
    background inspires the students to learn and understand more on some different cultures in
    the world society as Indonesian students learn English language as a foreign language. Thus,
    I believe he can be a dedicated and communicative teacher. Without any hesitation, I highly
    expect him to get a positive response for his application.


  2. Verified Reviews

    I was Mr Hesketh’s tutor at the University of Exeter from 2017-2019. I can confidently assert that
    out of the cohort of students that I have taught over the last decade at the University of Oxford,
    University of Exeter, and University of Sydney, he stands out as one of the very brightest and
    most promising. Specifically, I confidently place him in the top 1% of students I have taught in
    my career.
    As someone who has both studied and taught at Oxford, and worked for companies like Blue
    Tutors and Oxford Tutors, I am familiar with the high standards of programmes like your own. I
    believe that Mr Hesketh will make an excellent tutor.
    Mr Hesketh is both highly motivated and perceptive. His spoken and written communication is
    clear, innovative, and insightful. Even as an undergraduate he already thought and wrote like a
    professional. As a student with a multinational background who has proven himself a truly
    voracious reader, he brought a complex perspective to classes and contributes to discussions with
    spirit and tact. He can explain complex ideas concisely and comprehensibly, and has a clear-eyed
    understanding of academic standards.
    Mr Hesketh is highly ambitious and bears a truly independent turn of mind. I fully expect him to
    excel in the academic career for which he is aiming. I recommend him to you without reservation
    and in the strongest possible terms.

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