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Hello! I’m Luca. I’m a qualified and experienced English tutor specialising in GCSE and A-Level English Language and Literature tuition, as well as SATs Primary Reading tuition. Unlock your creativity in English tuition sessions with me!

In March 2021, I received full training in both Primary and Secondary English tuition from the Tutor Trust, a registered charity which provides government-subsidised tuition sessions to disadvantaged pupils across the UK. I completed full Safeguarding training through Educare’s ‘Child Protection in Education’ course, and have passed all DBS checks. My lesson plans have been graded as ‘Outstanding’ for both Primary and Secondary tuition. I’ve built great relationships with all of my tutees and received lots of very rewarding feedback, with one pupil expressing early on that, unlike his experiences in school, he felt much more confident in expressing his ideas in our sessions. Another pupil explained that she felt so much ‘smarter’ after our very first session.

I’ve since completed 112 hours of tuition, most of which has been online through Vedamo. I am therefore extremely confident in delivering online tuition and engaging pupils no matter the circumstances.

In line with the training I received through the Tutor Trust, my lessons follow a four-part structure and are rigorously planned out in advance. Alongside writing up a detailed plan, I also create Powerpoint presentations for every lesson that include interactive resources and video clips where appropriate. I begin by evaluating the context of the lesson: looking into any pupil data including assessments from previous lessons and predicted grades; asking whether this is my first lesson with this pupil or one of a series; and identifying any specific targets or weaknesses that the pupil may be facing with regards to the topics being taught. I use this information to craft personalised, unique Learning Objectives that meet the particular needs of each pupil.

I start with a Do It Now Task – a quick 5 minute activity to get the pupil’s brain working and focused on today’s topic area. Next, I move on to a Starter Activity, which reveals what the pupil already knows about today’s topic and thereby allows me to tailor the lesson to suit them more effectively. This is followed by the Main Task, which will be an extended learning task incorporating both independent written work and group discussions. Finally, I end with a Plenary activity where I ask the students to answer questions that allow me to confirm whether they have met today’s Learning Objectives, and whether there are any areas of the subject where they lack confidence and need more support. After every lesson I write up my own detailed evaluations of how the student is performing, both with regards to their academic performance and their behaviour, and then send this feedback to parents and/or school partnership leads.

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    I have worked with Luca in my previous role as the Online Coordinator at The Tutor Trust and had assigned him to numerous Online tuition programmes. He has adapted easily to Online tuition. This takes a very trained and adept individual, as keeping pupils engaged online can be more challenging than in-person; it is to his immense credit that he has managed this transition well. He has also been observed by our Quality Team who have rated his tutoring as exceptional. He has the key fundamental skills of an excellent tutor.
    Luca is an asset to our team in ensuring that the attainment gap is closed amongst young, disadvantaged pupils. Although has been with us a short time, he has made an impact on the lives of the young people he has worked with.
    Luca has easily built strong, communicative working relationships in all levels of his tutoring with teachers, tutor coordinators, and most importantly, pupils. Luca can always be relied upon in both his standard of teaching and in taking on and maintaining tutoring assignments. Our team really values his impact and commitment.

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    As a Schools
    Coordinator in our Leeds office, I oversee our tuition in Primary and Secondary Schools and I am Luca’s line manager. We deliver high quality tuition to disadvantaged children across Leeds and Bradford, and Luca is a valued member of our team.

    Luca was trained as a Secondary English and Primary tutor, and started working for us in March 2021. His role involves planning and delivering tuition sessions to KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils, and helping support them with topics in which they are struggling in class. This is one-to-one or small group tuition which takes place in the school environment but outside of the pupil’s lessons. Luca has delivered both online and in-person tuition. He has delivered many hours of tuition, all to a high standard.

    Luca has worked with students right across the ability range. He understands extremely well how to engage with different pupils and teach the fundamentals of English in an easy to understand manner, displaying great oral communication skills and empathy.

    Luca has good interpersonal skills. The nature of our tuition work means that tutors must be able to strike up good relationships with their students; these are often students who are struggling in class, reluctant to be doing extra work, and have tricky home lives that affects their ability to learn. However, Luca proved effective in building strong working relationships in a short space of time. Luca also built good relationships with the class teachers, giving clear feedback after each session, which led to a great relationship being maintained between the school and our charity.

    Luca can write and articulate clearly and has strong organisational skills, and has been extremely reliable throughout his time with us. He is an important part of The Tutor Trust community in Leeds and I would recommend him without question.

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