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I offer French and German language tutorial for a range of ages and abilities. I have just finished a degree at the University of Cambridge in French and German, and am about to continue my studies in Cambridge with a Masters in European Languages and Comparative Literature. Having spent the last four years of my life receiving tuition from one of the best languages departments in the country, living in Paris and Berlin, and developing an intimate knowledge of both languages and cultures, I feel able to transfer my knowledge and passion to a younger generation of learners.

My lessons are cultivated towards the interests of each individual tutee. This means that, while grammatical practise and vocabulary exercises provide the foundation of linguistic proficiency, tuition will be filtered through subjects that interest the tutee. I promise to provide work that will educate, interest, and inspire. Oral practise is particularly important to how I teach, because regular oral practise is a cornerstone for learning language. I spend at least 20 minutes of each lesson conducting a conversation on a pre-prepared topic chosen by tutee: tutees may choose a subject of interest, write a brief paragraph in the target language on what they have researched, which will then be followed by a brief conversation on the topic. The rest of the lesson will be spent on grammar and vocabulary exercises. I will also point my tutees towards beneficial materials that they can access outside of lessons: television shows, films, podcasts, books, magazines. Through such means, my tutees will deepen their interests and build confidence and skill in the languages!

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 My Experience:

I have some experience tutoring. While I au-paired in France during a gap year before university, I tutored young children in English. That said, I believe that my experience learning languages at Cambridge University puts me in an excellent position to tutor: while I spent the four years of my course mastering my French, I learnt German "ab initio” or “from scratch” at university; by the end of my first year, I had acquired A-Level standard German. This was in large part due to the specialist teaching offered at the university.

During my third year of studies, I spent 6 months working in Paris, and then spent 6 months studying in Berlin. During this time, I was able to finely hone my skills, developing an intimate knowledge of both languages and cultures. During my fourth year of studies back in Cambridge, I majored in French. It was during this year that I was truly able to master the nuances of the language when performing complex, lengthy translations of English fiction into French.

Having just finished my degree, and having received such a high standard of tutorial by professionals with qualifications in the teaching of foreign languages, I believe I can transfer such experiences to a range of tutees, of different ages and abilities.


 My Qualifications:

University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall (2019-2023), Bachelor of Arts in Modern and Medieval Languages (French and German):
Due to the ongoing market boycott I am yet to receive my results. In my second year, I received a Class I with distinction. In the coming year, I have received academic approval to continue my studies at Cambridge with a MPhil.

Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form (2016-2018), A Levels: English Literature (A*), French (A), History (A)

Lewes Priory Secondary School (2011-2016): 6 A*, 3 A


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