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 My Bio

Hi, my name is Jan and I am an eager tutor from the Czech Republic. I am offering these subjects:

Philosophy (KS5; age 16 – 18)
Linguistics (KS5; age 16 – 18)
Czech (KS3 – KS5; age 11-18)
Oxbridge Admissions

I am now studying Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of Oxford. During my time at High School, I have taught Japanese, English and Maths.

As a student of PPL, I am mainly focused on Cognitive Science, as that allows me to combine my interests in Philosophy of Mind and Psycholinguistics. However, I am also studying Kantian Philosophy and Post-Kantian Philosophy, mainly with a focus on Existentialism.

In teaching, I love the fact that I can share what I am keen on with others. All of my lessons are personalised so as to cater to the needs of the student. For example, when I was teaching Japanese, I had 7 groups of students, all of which had their individualised plan based on what they were interested in and what they were struggling with. My main goal is to foster a love for learning through interactive and easy-to-follow teaching. Humour is always present in my classes!

Other than writing a successful Oxford admission, I have also managed to secure the prestigious Bakala Scholarship. Furthermore, I have received an honorary award at the International Philosophy Olympiad. However, I am not only an academic writer; I have received various awards in Czech literary competitions (short stories and poetry). I am currently working on a piece for the journal Flux on the topic of Sartre’s Nothingness in liminal spaces.

In my free time, I like to write, compose music and play chess and shogi. I am looking forward to meeting you!

My Subjects

 My Experience:

1+ Year


 My Qualifications:

University of Oxford Oxford, UK
Bachelor of Arts Oct 2019 – Current
 Student of Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.
 Captain of the Brasenose College chess team.

Mendel Grammar School Opava, Czech Republic
High School Diploma Sep 2015 – May 2019
 Graduated at the top of the class with highest honours (A-levels equivalent: A*AA).
 Graduated from English Language, History, Social Sciences, Czech Language and Literature.

Native in Czech, Fluent in English and Slovak (passive knowledge), Intermediate in Japanese,
beginner in Spanish and Ancient Greek.



 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    Prima Lingua is honoured to recommend Jan Stohanzl as a passionate and experienced tutor. Jan has been with Prima Lingua for two years, during which he has proven himself to be a skilled Japanese tutor with a personal approach.
    After returning from a year abroad in Japan, Jan wasted no time and started sharing his experience and the knowledge he had obtained during his studies. While continuing with high school and preparing for his Oxford University entrance exams, he managed to teach multiple groups of students. Even though each group had different interests, Jan was able to fulfil all of them (be it everyday use of Japanese, Kanji, culture, philosophy or history) through individually crafted lesson plans. Jan was such an inspiration that one of his students chose to pursue a career in Japanese Studies after taking Jan’s lessons due to the student’s interest in Anime. His candid approach to teaching and seeking further knowledge is clear from his second study trip to Japan, which concluded with Jan achieving the JLPT N2 certificate, the second-highest Japanese language proficiency certificate. Jan is the archetypal man of learning with an affinity for teaching.
    Prima Lingua is confident that Jan will be an excellent tutor of any subject he takes up. Jan’s personally tailored approach coupled with enthusiasm for studying and ability to relay his knowledge in an understandable manner makes him the ideal tutor.

  2. Verified Reviews

    It’s with great pleasure to recommend Jan Stohanzl’s as a Cambridge Online Tutor. I have served as Jan’s head tutor for Linguistics, as part of his Philosophy/Linguistics (PPL) degree at Brasenose College. I have worked with Jan during the 2020-2021 academic year and I have gotten to know him quite well. Jan is thoughtful, passionate and deeply cares to learn and understand. He has mastered the introductory topics in linguistics, including the history of the field. From the reports of his philosophy tutors, he’s also doing quite well in philosophy. Perhaps what’s most impressive about Jan is his ability to synthesize linguistics and philosophy through cognitive science. This is a rare ability for a beginning student, but Jan has been exceptional in this respect. I have no doubt that he would make for a wonderful tutor.

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