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 My Bio

I am a third year English Literature student studying at the University of Exeter. I offer interactive, reliable English tutoring for all ages and levels with a background of tutoring experience. I offer the following:
One-on-One Tutoring: Personalized attention for individual students.
Group Tutoring: Small group sessions for peer interaction.
Online Tutoring: Flexible remote learning.
Conversational English: Focus on spoken language skills.
Academic English: For students seeking academic success.
Business English: Tailored for professional settings.
Exam Preparation: Specific test readiness.
English for Specific Purposes (ESP): Targeted industry or field language.
Children’s English Tutoring: Basic language skills for young learners.
Adult English Tutoring: Personal or professional development.
Each type serves distinct learning goals, offering a comprehensive approach to English language education.

My Subjects

 My Experience:

As an English tutor, I enjoy the fulfilling journey, initially helping school peers and later taking on formal tutoring. I worked with a diverse range of students, from children to adults, with varying proficiency levels.

Customization is key in my approach, as I tailor lessons to address specific needs, whether in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, or writing skills. Witnessing students gain confidence and express themselves more fluently is incredibly rewarding.

Challenges came with the territory, from grasping complex grammatical concepts to time management issues. Yet, these challenges taught me valuable lessons in patience and adaptability.

Teaching is a two-way process, and I learned as much from my students as they did from me. Their unique perspectives and experiences enriched my understanding of the language and the art of teaching.


 My Qualifications:

I have completed my second year at the University of Exeter with a 1st class
I have three A-Levels in English - A*, Psychology - A* and History - A*
I have GCSE's in Maths, English and Science
Enhanced DBS


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