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Subjects available:
Modern Greek: KS1-5
Ancient Greek: KS3-4
Latin: KS3-4
French: KS1-4
Theatre Studies: KS3-4
English: KS1-2
Maths: KS1-2
Oxbridge Admissions

Having recently graduated from St Catherine’s College, Oxford with a First Class degree in Modern Languages (Modern Greek) and Linguistics, I’m excited to share the wealth of academic experience I have accrued during my time at St Albans School and later at university. I’m a passionate glossophile and an emphatic promoter of a deeper understanding of the syllabus material, as opposed to surface-level rote learning. My fascination in languages, chiefly French and Modern Greek, extends to the Classical, while I also have a strong commitment to Drama.

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BA Modern Greek and Linguistics, University of Oxford: First Class
4 A Levels: Ancient Greek (A), Latin (A), French (A*), Theatre Studies (A*)
10 GCSEs: English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), Maths (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Ancient Greek (A*), Latin (A*), French (A*), Theatre Studies (A*)


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  1. Verified Reviews

    It is with great pleasure that I am writing this reference for Alec MacQuarrie. I have known Alec since his enrolment at the University of Oxford where he is reading Linguistics and Modern Greek. During his studies I taught Alec several course in Greek Language and History.

    Alec has impressed me as a diligent, highly motivated and committed individual, eager to expand his horizons. Alec has an eye for detail and is able to communicate his ideas in a clear and straightforward way. During his studies, he actively participated in the University’s life and offered well-argued and perceptive comments both inside and outside class. Moreover, he showed dedication and willingness to write essays and make presentations in which he clearly demonstrated his ability to carry out research and present his findings in a scholarly manner.

    Personally, I find Alec a warm, friendly and unassuming individual, and it has been a pleasure to work with him.

    Overall, it is my opinion that Alec is very well placed to teach GCSE and A Level students.

    Kostas Skordyles

  2. Verified Reviews

    I am delighted to recommend Alec McQuarrie for a tutoring position at Cambridge Online Tutors.

    I had the pleasure of working with Alec over multiple years, including busy summers where we relied heavily on experienced returning uni students, Easter and Christmas periods. Alec worked with us since December 201. Over the five years he formed an integral part of the front of house team; his attitude and organisation were consistently impeccable. His commitment and industriousness were evident throughout his time, underlined by the fact that he spent five consecutive Christmas days working with us.

    Alec started off, as most young team members do, in a commis waiter capacity but quickly showed ability to take on greater responsibility, particularly given the fact that he learned and improved his skills with apparent speed and ease. He is a clear communicator, worked well within the team, excelling when it came to organising and delegating others in order to provide top quality service to regular and new guests alike. He was a fantastic asset, with a natural ability to efficiently train new members of staff, across the board. Alec acted as Restaurant Manager on many occasions manging and hosting larger functions, paired with a junior member of the team. He led not just by example, but by clear, concise instructions, followed by a comprehensive explanation as to why aspects of service must be handled in a certain way.

    Alec is an extremely friendly and likeable individual, forming productive professional relationships with other members of staff and was well-liked by many of our regular guests, who have frequently commented in glowing terms about his knowledge of food and drink, politeness and amicable character.

    It was a true pleasure to have worked with Alec who is sorely missed by the team and guests alike. I would hire Alec again at any point he is available in the future.

    Yours faithfully,
    Marianne Gearing

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