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Throughout school I always enjoyed English, particularly English Literature. As part of my degree (Mathematics at The University of York), I was pleased to use my written communication skills to help me produce a first class dissertation entitled ‘Winter is Coming: The Planetary Dynamics of Game of Thrones’.

Leadership and working with others have always been strong skills of mine, and I have used these skills effectively. Last summer I was employed as a seasonal Entertainer at Gulliver’s Kingdom, a children’s theme park, where I would interact with children regularly. I also volunteered at a local Brownies unit, running activities for the children. These skills, along with experience tutoring and helping younger students with their revision throughout school, have led me to become a confident tutor – delivering fun, effective lessons for students of all ages.

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Previously, I have achieved A* in Mathematics (A-Level), A* in English Literature (A-Level), A* in Mathematics (GCSE), A* in English Literature (GCSE) and A in English Language (GCSE). Also during my time at school, I completed multiple leadership courses – maths leaders, sports leaders, dance leaders and language leaders. As part of these courses, I delivered activities to small groups of Primary and Secondary students. I also tutored GCSE science students weekly when I was in the sixth form to help them prepare for their exams


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    I am very happy to write in support of Katie Fischer’s application to be an online tutor. Ms Fischer is a former student of Mathematics at the University of York. She graduated in summer 2020 with a good 2.1 degree, with her performance in the final year in fact reaching a first class level.

    I was Ms Fischer’s personal supervisor in the department, which meant I had plenty of opportunity to get to know her as well as track her progress through the degree. She was a model student — reliable, diligent and enthusiastic in her studies — and I was delighted to see that effort pay off. It is my view that Ms Fischer has all the qualities required to be an excellent tutor. She has an excellent subject knowledge, and an easy and approachable manner.

    I can confirm that I am not a member of Ms Fischer’s family, and that elements of this reference can be used in her website bio. I am happy for this reference to be shared with potential students. Yours Faithfully,

    Michael Bate

  2. Verified Reviews

    We feel very fortunate to have found Katie as a tutor for our daughter. She has made all the difference to her gaining confidence in the missing units of this subject. She delivers her tutorials with complete professionalism and patience.I have every confidence, that with Katie’s help, our daughter will get the grades that she deserves.

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