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Subjects: English KS1 through 5; at KS5, only Literature. Maths KS1 through 4.

Hello! My name is Rhys, and I’m in my second year at St. Andrews University, reading Mathematics and Philosophy.

I like teaching very much. I also like Maths and English very much, so teaching them as a job is very enjoyable! My main goal when teaching is to be dynamic – there are always lesson plans, but they are not always relentlessly followed; I think the most frustrating part of being a student is the feeling that the lesson has moved on in accordance with itself, rather than my own understanding, and I always strive to prevent this from happening. Therefore, I always try to give the right prompts to help a student stumble across an understanding, rather than simply say it myself. I remember fully all the stresses and particular demands of learning and revising for exams – indeed I am still doing so! – and I think I’m quite good at remembering what it was like to be taught any given topic that I might be teaching at any one moment, and as a result I am continuously reflecting on what I remember as being helpful and unhelpful, and I think this brings a freshness to my lessons. I also try to make them fun!

A bit about my experience: I first started tutoring around three and a half years ago, towards the end of my first year in sixth form, and continued to tutor throughout the rest of my time in school. During the first eight months of my Gap year, I taught on average fifteen students per week in one or more of Mathematics, Piano, Guitar and English, while preparing for a Diploma in Piano (Dip ARSM). After achieving the Diploma I spent three months in Nigeria, as a volunteer with VSO, again teaching mainly Mathematics and English, to all secondary school years. I started at St. Andrews in 2019 and was placed in the High Achievers category in the faculty at the end of the year, achieving a first for the academic year. I have also studied modules in Economics, and Music Performance. I am currently reading three fifths Mathematics and two fifths Logic (Philosophy) as a second year student.

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Llantwit Major Comprehensive School, A-levels: English Literature (A*), Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A)
Llantwit Major Comprehensive School, GCSEs: English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), Mathematics (A*), Additional Mathematics (Distinction), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), Religious Studies (A*), Physical Education (A*), French (A*), Welsh (A), ICT (Dist*)


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    I am delighted to be able to say that, not only was he an excellent tutor, having made a great impact on Gabriel’s progress at school in maths, but that he is a polite, charming, punctual and diligent young man.

    I have no doubt in my in my mind that he will be an asset to all those who work with him and cannot recommend him strongly enough.

    If you have any questions you would like to discuss concerning Rhys, I would be more than happy to oblige.

    Yours faithfully
    Rob Lilford

  2. Verified Reviews

    I have known Rhys for ten years, seven of which were in an educational capacity as both subject specific teacher and Head of Year.

    During his time in school, Rhys spent a great deal of time, amounting to an excess of two years, volunteering to support younger students with various aspects of the curriculum. He was always a willing participant in any tutoring schemes which were embedded within the schools pastoral system and he taught skills in both reading and numeracy. Of particular note was his ability to engage the younger year groups in his tuition and he enjoyed very successful outcomes with his allocated groups of students. It was clear early on that Rhys had a natural gift and talent for teaching and this became even more evident as he volunteered more and more of his spare time to engage with a wider cohort of ‘tutees’. What is particularly impressive about Rhys is his ability to engage and motivate students in cross curricular subject areas and I know he has also enjoyed success privately tutoring a number of students in WJEC Maths and English, ABRSM piano and guitar. Furthermore, Rhys not only has experience of tutoring the WJEC specifications in both Maths and English, but he also spent three months teaching these subjects in Kwara State, Nigeria with VSO where the student-teacher ratio could vary from 90:1 to 3:1. Preferring not to limit his audience to a particular age range Rhys has gone above and beyond to support students of all ages and now has a wealth of experience teaching students between the ages of six to sixteen.

    In addition to Rhys’ commitment to supporting the academic progress of students in lower year groups he was also a highly self –motivated and independent learner himself, going on to achieve a First in his first year studying Philosophy and Mathematics at St Andrews University. He was someone his peers looked up to and they respected his subject knowledge seeking him out for reassurance when they were unsure of difficult concepts or links that were by no means transparent. This is a skill that will be of great benefit to Rhys as he has an innate ability to foresee others misconceptions and he is able to find innovative ways of making these concepts relatable and understandable.

    Rhys comes with my unreserved recommendation for this position. He is an approachable, understanding and highly intelligent young man and I would be more than happy for him to tutor my own children!

    Mrs Ellie Denscombe

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