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Hi! My name is Tom Lee.

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Cambridge where I studied Languages
(namely, Russian and German). My degree involved a lot of essays, and a lot of literature – so I am
well-versed in essay-structure and how to analyse prose/poetry.

I am passionate about academics and I hope I can pass my enthusiasm on to my pupils. I believe in
personal, flexible teaching, catered to the level and style preferred by the student. I think that
teaching works better when it is interactive and (at least somewhat) informal. I don’t want my
students to learn because they’re forced to, I want them to learn as the by-product of engagement
in something they find enjoyable, or at least interesting.

I already have considerable experience teaching English as a Foreign Language, and hope to apply this to
subjects that I have studied more formally.

I look forward to tutoring you in Russian, German, English Literature, English Language, Psychology and
on essay technique.

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I’m a recent graduate of the University of Cambridge where I studied Languages
(namely, Russian and German)


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    It is my pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Mr Tom Lee. Our company in Beijing operates online education in English who serves 5-15 years old residents in China. Mr Lee joined our company as a part-time online English teacher in April 2019, and since then he has been delivering classes on daily basis. Up to early September 2020, Mr Lee has accumulated more than 130 hours of teaching, demonstrating a strong dedication and professionalism.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jieyi Liu, PhD (Cantab)

  2. Verified Reviews

    It is a pleasure to provide a reference for Tom Lee. I was Tom’s Director of Studies at St John’s College, Cambridge, during his study for the BA in Modern and Medieval Languages (German and Russian), from October 2015 until his graduation in June 2019 with a 2.i degree and Special Excellence in Russian Oral. I believe Tom will be an excellent tutor. I understand that he already has significant experience in this area, and I know him to be an empathetic and insightful person who commits himself to his work goals and is persistent in seeking solutions to areas of difficulty. He will be supportive and generous in helping others in their learning. All of this strikes me as exactly what one would wish for in a tutor. I am very happy to provide further comment if that would be useful.

    Dr Georgina Evans
    Director of Studies in Modern and Medieval Languages

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