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Taught Subjects: French KS1-5
English KS1-3

Translation Studies PGCert with distinction
French MA Honours (First-class) with a distinction in spoken French from the University of Glasgow
Scottish Highers: English (A), Maths (A), French (A), History (A), Human Biology (B)
Scottish Advanced Highers: French (A)

Hello! I am a Translation Studies and French graduate from the University of Glasgow.

On top of having many years of language learning under my belt, I have taught English as a foreign language in France, where I discovered my passion for helping others make great progress in their learning. I am a strong advocate for functional and enjoyable learning; languages should never be boring, and I have a bank of interactive activities to make sure that is never the case. Whether it’s English, French, or EFL, I hope to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you.

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1+ Year


 My Qualifications:

University of Glasgow; Masters in Translation Studies.

Certified TEFL Tutor.


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    Kirsty G – Lecturer

    I have known Kirstin Dilley through both her Honours degree in French, for which she received a first-class award, and also her postgraduate degree in Translation Studies. I have taught her in my French seminar group for my Honours option (Introduction to Translation Studies) in her final year, as well as throughout her MSc in Translation Studies.
    Kirstin is a very motivated and able postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow, at a variety of tasks. She always responds enthusiastically to challenges and is intellectually curious, always keen to learn and improve through various means.
    As part of her undergraduate degree, Kirstin worked as an English-language assistant in the French school system. She has therefore proven herself to be adaptable and able to cope with the challenges of living and working in a foreign culture abroad, as well as gaining valuable experience teaching English. This experience of a school environment should stand her in excellent pedagogical stead for furthering her interest and career in tutoring; indeed, this past year she has continued her interest in this by volunteering as a ‘study buddy’ for students within the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Glasgow.
    As you would expect from an Honours language graduate, Kirstin has excellent spoken and written language skills in both English and French, which can be seen in her being awarded the Mary G. Ross Prize for French (in her second year), as well as Distinction in Spoken French at Honours; during her degree, she also took an Honours option in TESOL.
    Kirstin has a very approachable, friendly and patient personality, and has the ability to remain calm under pressure and cope with stressful situations (such as moving to a foreign country, having to work in an unknown education system with new colleagues etc). Her adaptability can also be seen most recently in the move to online learning and platforms, in which Kirstin has great ability and success.
    I am sure that Kirstin will be an asset to the tutoring organisation, and therefore have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

  2. Verified Reviews

    Jonathan E – Senior Lecturer
    I have taught Kirstin Dilley on the MSc Translation Studies at Glasgow, where I have been impressed by her dedication and knowledge, and her capacity to apply new concepts and ideas. She has a range of international experiences, including teaching in France, which position her well as a tutor. Her background in languages means that she not only has a great grasp of how languages work, she also understands how language learners feel. She is enthusiastic, friendly and works well with others.

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