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I am bilingual in French and English, having had the privilege of growing up in both countries. Half of my academic journey, spanning primary to high school, was immersed in the rich tapestry of the French educational system. This unique background has endowed me with an authentic grasp of the language, its nuances, and the vibrant culture it encapsulates.

I hold a deep affection for the French language and am eager to share not only its linguistic beauty but also the multifaceted culture that comes with it. With my lessons, students won’t just learn the mechanics of the language; they’ll embark on a journey through France’s illustrious history, its famed art, literature, and of course, the savoir-faire that the French are renowned for.

Whether you’re a complete beginner aiming to grasp the basics, or someone looking to refine and perfect their fluency, my tailored lessons cater to all proficiency levels. Drawing from my lived experiences and formal education, I provide a learning environment that is engaging, interactive, and most importantly, effective.

Join me, and let’s together unlock the doors to the enchanting world of French!

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 My Experience:

Hello I'm Laura! I am bilingual, proficient in both French and English. My educational journey took me to universities such as the City University of London and Queen Mary University of London, where my passion for Law was enriched. This academic pursuit, combined with experiences across three distinct countries, has gifted me a deep appreciation for various cultures – a perspective I bring to my teaching style.

My teaching journey began in Aix-Les-Bains, France, where I first started to teach english. I immersed myself in sharing the beauty of languages, always cherishing the moments when students had their "aha" moments. My commitment to education was evident in London as well, where I supported children with their studies, serving as both a guide and mentor in my role as a Nanny/Babysitter at Koru Kids.

Beyond traditional education, I've been fortunate to diversify my skill set. My time at the Museum of Brands was a testament to my research skills and commitment to societal well-being. Simultaneously, my involvement at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre showcased my ability to handle complex topics and communicate them with clarity.

A highlight of my journey has been merging my love for arts and law. Being an active member of the Drama Society at City University, I've experienced firsthand the power of storytelling. Moreover, my artwork that was a pwrt of our Art of Law exhibition depicted the symbiotic relationship between law and art, speaks volumes of my perspective on interdisciplinary connections.

In essence, I'm not just a tutor; I'm someone who believes in holistic learning. My varied experiences, combined with a rich academic foundation, position me as an ideal guide for those eager to embark on their language learning journey.


 My Qualifications:

French Baccalaureate (Literature major) :
French: B
English: A
English literature: A*

IELTS: level C2


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