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Subjects taught:

Geography KS3-5
History KS3-5
Politics KS3-5


I have extensive experience in tutoring children and young adults across a number of years. This has included teaching at a local primary school in Coventry once a week whilst studying for my History degree at the University of Warwick. I hope to be able to give you the support and skills to enable you to achieve your very best. I am very approachable and I like to find fun and interactive ways to facilitate learning. This will make the experience and content more enjoyable and memorable for you. I have an interest in global history, with a particular emphasis on Asian History.

Modules studied at UoW:

Empire and Aftermath
The Enlightenment
Making of the Modern World
Historians Toolkit

Second Year:
The European World
Africa and the Cold War
The History of Modern China
Caravans and Traders: Global Connections, 1200-1500
Galleons and Galleys: Global Connections, 1500-1800

Third Year:
Britain, the Mandates and the Modern Middle East
Foreign Bodies, Contagious Communities: Migration in the Modern World
Merchants, Missionaries, and the Opium War
Dissertation titled, ‘The Island Gateway Between Two Oceans: The Emergence and Development of Singapore as a Centre for Trade, c.1600-1819’

My Subjects

 My Experience:


 My Qualifications:

My Qualifications:

History BA (HONS)

A levels:
History A*
Geography A
Government and Politics A


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    I first met Ben at the beginning of October, 2019, and was his undergraduate dissertation

    Supervisor over the year 2019-2020. He chose to write his dissertation on the early European contact and colonial history of Singapore. He immediately searched out all the secondary sources he could find, as well as seeking out some other materials in the British Library. During his visit to Singapore he gathered important primary source material. He continued with further work during the Spring term, both in his course work and dissertation both at Warwick and in Singapore. I had several meetings with him over both terms, both on skype and in person. He was caught in Singapore during the COVID 19 restrictions and was then unable to pursue some of his primary source work in the British Library and National Archives in London. He was, however, able to pursue much research in online records, and later in the archives in Singapore.

    Ben Stonehouse’s persistence in searching out his primary and secondary sources during very challenging times was remarkable. The result was an excellent history of Singapore and its colonial encounters that took us into a much earlier history than the traditional national founding stories associated with Raffles. The dissertation was awarded a First Class.

    Ben Stonehouse was a hardworking good student at Warwick, and someone with good ideas. I strongly recommend him to you for employment.

    Yours sincerely,

    Professor Maxine Berg

  2. Verified Reviews

    Ben Stonehouse graduated from the University of Warwick in summer 2020 with a 2.1 degree in History, and I highly recommend him as an online tutor. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben for the past year as Director of Final Year Studies in the History Department. Our courses provide students with intellectual rigour and a great deal of experience in independent research. Our seminars provide students with teamworking and communication skills, as well as the knowledge necessary to engage in critical debates about historical topics. Ben is a bright and engaged graduate who has studied a wide range of historical periods and topics, from Imperial China to the modern Middle East, from histories of migration, global connections and trade to Africa and the Cold War. His dissertation was highly praised by markers in the department, who described it as very high quality, clearly argued, and convincing. I think he will be an excellent tutor.

    Lydia Plath – Associate Professor – Warwick

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