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Latin (all ages and levels)
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In the summer of 2020, I completed a Master’s in Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature at the University of Oxford with a Distinction. I graduated from the University of St Andrews with a First in Classics in 2019.

I am obsessed with books and languages, and hopefully my enthusiasm will come across as a tutor! My favourite area of Classics is Roman poetry, and my favourite authors are Juvenal, Horace, Vergil, Catullus, Lucan and Theocritus.

My degrees have involved a lot of independent study and I have had to learn ‘how to learn’ in order to get the best results. I have also applied these techniques to intensively learn basic Russian and German while at university. I hope that in my lessons, by explaining and utilising some of these techniques, I can make vocab and grammar learning of any language seem a less daunting task.

Having sat countless exams I can help with exam preparation, including both content revision and exam technique. Classics at university is primarily an essay subject, and having written essays up to 10,000 words I can help with essay writing technique too. I have applied my writing skills to English tutoring (comprehension and creative writing in particular) and to personal statement advice for Oxbridge and other universities.

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 My Experience:

3+ Years


 My Qualifications:

Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lancaster – 2008-2015: A-Levels: Maths (A), Latin (A), Classical Greek (A), Physics (B at AS)

University of St Andrews 2015-2019: MA (Hons) Classics, First Class Degree, David Marshall Prize

University of Oxford 2019-20: MSt in Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature, Distinction


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    Jake Townson has enjoyed a very successful career as an undergraduate at St Andrews, ending with a first-class degree and a prize in Latin, and as a Masters student at Oxford, from which he emerged with a well-deserved Distinction. He is intellectually confident, comfortable in both Greek and Latin, and his undergraduate degree introduced him to a good range of Classical texts, and a willingness to bring to those texts a wider familiarity with ancient culture, artistic, political, performative and otherwise. His particular interest is Juvenal, on which he wrote an undergraduate dissertation with Dr Tom Geue, and his writing places satire’s anxieties about fictionality and representation within the wider context of visual and performative culture in Imperial Rome.
    Jake’s work is robustly theorized, which makes for interesting perspectives on familiar material, and his writing and oral presentation is punchy and compelling.

  2. Verified Reviews

    I met Jacob in January 2018, when he joined my Honours Module on ‘Latin Didactic Poetry’, which focused on Lucretius’s DRN and Virgil’s Georgics. In the following academic year I was his Advisor for this Honours programme (3rd and 4th year), and I eventually marked his UG dissertation on Juvenal’s satires in May 2019.

    Jacob was a serious, hard-working and intellectually ambitious student, with extremely good linguistic skills, a very good literary sensitivity, and a sharp mind.

    The first reason why I am very happy to sing his praises is my very positive appreciation of his work during my classes. Jacob was by far the best student, his contributions to the discussion were always first-class, and the coursework he submitted was of extreme quality, with a very high average grade. It was a great pleasure teaching him.

    The second reason is related to his dissertation, which I had read and marked in May 2019. This was an ambitious dissertation, full of merits, as regards both form and content: I appreciated in particular, among other things, the clarity of the argumentation and the depth of the analysis, which were generally outstanding. As I said in my feedback form, this dissertation was almost of publishable quality, and certainly a great pleasure to read. I gave him a final mark of 18 out of 20, but it could arguably deserve more.

    Finally, Jacob showed during his university years an exceptional professionalism in his work attitude: I strongly recommend him for any job requiring reliability and accuracy.

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