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History: KS4-KS5

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in history from Lancaster University, after which I studied intellectual history at the University of St Andrews, graduating with a master of letters. From these I gained a broad yet robust background in historical research, coupled with a deeper awareness of how historians explain change.

Prior to entering university, I pursued my secondary education from home, teaching myself through correspondence courses. Although challenging, this experience stimulated a host of key skills. I became more focused and self-disciplined. I learnt to eliminate distractions, organise my workload and use my time effectively.

Self-led learning prepared me not only for the transition to higher education, but for entry into the workforce. Moreover, I found that I enjoyed being responsible for my own learning. Ultimately, I came to recognise education as a pathway to personal growth, an attitude which now informs my intentions as a tutor.

Learning is never so exciting, never so engaging as when we see ourselves within it. Where education promises us some personal benefit, to improve us as individuals as well as intellectuals, it becomes truly dynamic. My aim is to not only support students in being able to retain – and confidently express – the content of their syllabus, but to promote an awareness of how this education advantages them.

History enables us to understand the past and, along the way, offers us tools for making sense of our present. More generally, its key competencies drive critical learning, whether the student is working within the subject or outside of it. Wherever it is applied, the ability to interpret large quantities of information and, from there, proceed to a well-reasoned and persuasive opinion is of value always.

MLitt Intellectual History (Distinction), University of St Andrews
BA Hons History (1st), Lancaster University

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I obtained my bachelor’s degree in history from Lancaster University, after which I studied intellectual history at the University of St Andrews, graduating with a master of letters.


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    I have known Adel professionally since early 2015 when we worked together here at Worldwide Clinical Trials in Nottingham, until she left in mid-2016. I got to know her well during that time and we became friends, staying in touch while she was away in St Andrews and then catching up again now she’s back in Nottingham.

    She’s intelligent, articulate and conscientious, going above and beyond the normal call of duty, for example, I recall her staying on to finish off a task on her last day here at work. She demonstrates a particular care and attention to detail in all she does. As I assume she’ll be working remotely, you may never see it, but if you ever get the chance, you can see her attention to detail in her handwriting – it’s extraordinary! She is thoughtful about people too, being friendly and helpful. She always seems to be able to find positives in whatever challenging or difficult circumstances life brings.

    She has a quiet, unassuming personality. By nature she’s an introvert, so she shines particularly in one-on-one or small group settings. As I understand her role will be in tutoring, then I have every confidence that she will do very well and she is particularly passionate about history. In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending her for this role and know she will be a credit to your team.

    Yours sincerely,
    Robby S
    Robby S | Former Colleague

  2. Verified Reviews

    I taught Adel Winters four years ago when she completed a masters degree in Intellectual History at St Andrews. Adel was a brilliant student and highly capable, interested in everything and writes likes a dream. Really, some of her written work was straightforwardly what you would expect from a professional author. At the time I felt Adel lacked confidence but she communicates extremely well, especially about visual culture, has an impressive knowledge of History and Literature and is the kind of person who would always go the extra mile for any student she teaches. Some of the pieces of work she completed on the intellectual history of photography were outstanding. For all of these reasons I have no doubt that she will thrive in employment with you and I recommend her in the strongest possible terms.

    Professor Richard W
    University of St. Andrews

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