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I am extensively trained in mathematical methods; I have consistently achieved top grades in mathematics-related courses since GCSE level, as well as achieving the top mark in the cohort during my first-year mathematics course at LSE. Generally, my style of tutoring with mathematics can be described in three points: (1) solidifying foundations – I ensure that all my students are comfortable with the building blocks of the target mathematical concept(s) before going further into the complex ideas. (2) Demonstrate & practice – one of the most effective ways that students can learn mathematics is by seeing someone working through such problems. A hallmark of my approach is demonstrating how one solves a particular problem, and providing my students similar problems that allows them to apply & consolidate the methods demonstrated. (3) Adaptation – no two students are the same when coming to grips with mathematics; I always try to tailor my approach & delivery to the students such that they are able to grasp the concepts & methods in the most effective manner.

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 My Experience:

I have experience with both one-on-one online tutoring and with (slightly) larger group teaching. For the past year, I have been tutoring GCSE Economics online, with a strong focus upon content delivery, application of economic theory to real-world scenarios, and improving exam technique. Furthermore, I have spent this past summer as a Summer School Tutor within economics & philosophy, teaching multiple groups of up to 10-11 students. I was praised by the students for my enthusiastic delivery and clear explanations of tough concepts in an understandable manner.


 My Qualifications:

I am a graduate of the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), achieving first class honours in BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I received the Luc Bovens prize for best performance on the degree programme. I regularly excelled within economic theory, obtaining first class grades across microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. Furthermore, throughout my degree, I demonstrated a mastery of mathematical techniques (including calculus, algebra, set theory and statistical methods), obtaining grades of 94% and 81% in Quantitative Methods (Mathematics) and Quantitative Methods (Statistics) respectively.

Finally, I have a long-standing record of academic excellence with respect to mathematics and economics, achieving grade 9 in GCSE Mathematics, A*/A in A-Level Mathematics/Further Mathematics respectively, and grade A* in A-Level Economics.


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