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Hi there! I am currently in my second year at the University of York studying for a BSc Mathematics degree. I’m a dedicated and enthusiastic student that loves to get results- either for me in my studies or my pupils in theirs :)!

I am available every Sunday at your preferred time (between 10am and 8pm) to tutor KS3/KS4 GCSE Mathematics!


KS3 Maths
KS4 GCSE Maths


GCSE Maths: 9
GCSE Further Maths: A*
A-level Maths: A*
A-level Further Maths: A


I have 2 years experience tutoring GCSE Mathematics 1-1 from 2017 to 2019. The exam boards I have taught previously are AQA and Edexcel. I also have a review from a previous client if you’re interested! 🙂

I hope my profile appeals to you and, if so, I look forward to hearing from you! 

My Subjects

 My Experience:

2 Years


 My Qualifications:

GCSE Maths: 9
GCSE Further Maths: A*
A-level Maths: A*
A-level Further Maths: A


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    I taught Sarah for two years at Blackpool Sixth From. Sara was an intelligent and motivated student. Her application to her studies was fantastic, both with her work inside and outside of lessons. Sarah succeeded in all topics we studied, gaining consistently high marks in each assessment. This was particularly the case in the discrete mathematics and vectors assessments. Sarah has enjoyed these topics due to the links with programming and coding, along with the applications they have in the wider world. Sarah enjoyed the abstract nature that Further Mathematics brought, especially enjoying the work on roots of polynomials and complex numbers, which helped to develop her understanding of quadratics. Whilst at the college Sarah complete an EPQ to help apply her mathematics to an essay on dark matter and dark energy, allowing her to develop her skills in writing and communicating mathematics. This was further developed with the tutoring she did outside of college to students sitting their GCSE in Mathematics. This helped Sarah to communicate her ideas and to help other students in lessons. Sarah attended the college’s maths society, attending lectures on the concept of infinity and competing in competitions such as the University of Manchester’s ‘Mathsbombe’ and the UKMT, achieving a silver certificate in the individual competition and representing the college in the group challenge. Sarah had a mature approach to her learning and enjoyed the challenges of applying her mathematics to unseen problems. I have no doubts recommending her for a tutoring role with yourselves.


    Robert Fisher

  2. Verified Reviews

    Sarah provided one 2 one tuition for my son Fergus from year 10 to 11 to support his GCSE Maths. We heard about Sarah’s ability to tutor Maths from a good friend who reported she coached her fellow GCSE peers in their final year as she had a way of connecting with their preferred learning style.

    Sarah has a very calm and methodical approach. She demonstrated real patience with Fergus…not being a natural mathematician, Fergus struggled with his self confidence. Tutoring of Fergus took place on our landing space and I often found myself sitting in silence listening to the pair of them…Sarah took Fergus on a journey to have faith in his abilities by overcoming some of his ‘Maths blindness’ to learning the basics and finding ways to look at formulas in a style to suit Fergus’s learning style. They struck up such a relationship that his often commented ‘mum…I get it when Sarah teaches me’!!!

    Sarah was such a success in our house, our youngest son Cormac insisted on continuing to have Sarah to help him achieve his high expectations!

    Sarah is a lovely young woman, she is committed, reliable, trustworthy and without doubt a fantastic tutor!

    Thank you

    Victoria Bell

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