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As a math tutor, I bring a combination of academic proficiency, effective teaching strategies, and a genuine passion for the subject that makes me well-suited to guide students toward mathematical success. With a strong educational background in mathematics and related disciplines, I possess a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, from foundational principles to advanced topics. My expertise allows me to convey complex ideas in a clear and accessible manner, fostering comprehension and confidence in my students.

I believe in tailoring my teaching approach to accommodate diverse learning styles, ensuring that each student grasps mathematical principles at their own pace. Patience and persistence are integral to my tutoring style, as I strive to create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification.

Moreover, I recognize the importance of real-world applications to make math relevant and interesting. By incorporating practical examples, problem-solving techniques, and interactive activities, I aim to instill not just knowledge but also a deep appreciation for the beauty and utility of mathematics. My commitment to fostering a positive attitude towards math, coupled with my dedication to student success, positions me as an effective and inspiring math tutor.

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 My Experience:

I have had previous experience tutoring and have been tutoring for almost 1 and a half years now. I have and continue to be a tutor for Medic Mind, where I conduct lessons remotely for GCSE and A Levels students to help them achieve their desired grades. Alongside this, I have also carried out tuition to assist students sitting the BMAT and UCAT entrance exams and also students giving their Medical School Interview. This taught me many skills including:
- Providing one-on-one online tutoring to students from various backgrounds tailoring the lessons to their method of learning and addressing any difficulties they may have
- Making and implementing personalised lesson plans based on the individual academic goals of the student
- Monitoring student progress and providing constructive feedback to facilitate improvement
- Utilising a variety of teaching techniques ensure maximum engagement and promote an atmosphere for effective learning


 My Qualifications:

GCSEs - Caistor Grammar School:
Achieved a best 8 of 72 achieving a 9 in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science , Design & Technology, Religious Studies, Geography and German whilst receiving an 8 in English Language, English Literature and Further Maths

A Levels - Caistor Grammar School:
Achieved A*A*A in Maths, Chemistry and Biology respectively which helped me acquire a place at Bristol Medical School at the University of Bristol.


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