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Key Stage 1 and 2 – All Subjects
Key Stage 3 Sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Key Stage 3 Humanities – History, English Literature, English Language


I have extensive experience in a tutoring capacity, cultivated across numerous voluntary roles during my time at university. I now work in a tutoring capacity, teaching TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) with the British Council.

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2013 / 11 GSCEs / 8 A*, 3 A – English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), History (A*), Spanish (A*), French (A*), Latin (A*), Biology (A*), Religious Studies (A*), Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A)
2015 / A Level / English Literature (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A)
2019 / Medical Sciences BSc / Brighton and Sussex Medical School
2020 / Medical Humanities BA (hons) / University of Bristol / 1st with Honours


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    I write this open reference for Elizabeth Whitehouse. I was Whitehouse’s personal and academic tutor, as well as the Programme Director of the BA in Medical Humanities, an intercalated degree which she took in 2019-20.

    Her academic results were outstanding. She achieved a strong First. Her dissertation (a research-led piece of work of 8,000 words in length) achieved the highest mark in her year.

    As that will suggest, she is academically gifted, organized, and self-motivated.

    The context of these results should also be noted. The students on the iBA in Medical

    Humanities have a year in which to master two new areas of disciplinary study – English Literature and Philosophy – to third-year, finalist standards. In 2019-20, there were also the disruptions of strikes and COVID-19 to be overcome.

    Whitehouse is personable, and she also found time for a variety of non-curricular activities. Her commitment to, and support for, the daily activities (and sometimes rearrangements) of the course was much appreciated. She would be a valuable and valued member of any group. She is trustworthy, and inspires confidence.

    I am happy to give her my highest recommendation.

    John Lee

  2. Verified Reviews

    I have had the privilege to be one of Elizabeth’s tutors over her last academic year at Bristol University.

    From the outset, Elizabeth engaged with sessions around the medical humanities with sensitivity, insight and a desire to become further informed across a range of interests.

    Elizabeth’s participation in small groups was characterized by a gentle support to draw out others’ unique contributions in addition to offering valuable perspectives herself.

    It is serendipitous Elizabeth’s creative pieces at the end of the course relate to the complexities and possibilities of remote communication.

    Having witnessed Elizabeth in one-to one and group Zoom calls I am able to confirm that she held the space with ease and respect for others and is ideally suited to tutoring online in this regard.

    Alongside Elizabeth’s enquiring mind she has an enviable clarity in dialogue, posing the perfect question at the right time – and readily takes initiative within a group context when appropriate.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in supporting Elizabeth’s application overall – alongside the above, she is professional, punctual, reliable, has a rigorous work ethic and her open, warm personality makes her a delight to be around – she will be a valuable asset to your organization!

    Catherine Lamont-Robinson

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