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Hi, my name is Genevieve and I am currently a second year student at the University of St. Andrews, offering tutoring lessons in the following Key Stages:
Mathematics Key Stages 1 to 4
English Literature Key Stages 1 to 4
English Language Key Stages 1 to 4
Philosophy Key Stage 5 (A- Level)
Art & Design (All Key Stages)

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A Second Year Undergraduate Student at the University of St. Andrews studying towards a Masters Degree in Philosophy, with Grade 9’s (A**) at GCSE in subjects Mathematics and English. I also hold A-Levels in Mathematics, Philosophy and Fine Art; an aspiring teacher with school work experience in Key Stages 2 and 3.


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    Genevieve is an extremely bright, driven, able and articulate young woman. As her A Level Art teacher, I was struck by her quickness to grasp new concepts when discussing conceptual and historical art and her ability to quickly learn new practical techniques and refine them to a very high standard independently. Genevieve always embraced the opportunity to undertake wider reading for her essay component of the course, which succeeded in increasing her depth of knowledge regarding Fine Art. I would imagine that when working with students she would apply similar strategies; being prepared to go away and research concepts if needed to deliver them to those that she is tutoring. She frequently demonstrated that she could explain things in a clear and concise manner, a good example of this was; a presentation she did for ARTiculation (a national competition involving public speaking about art) where she successfully bridged the gap between her interest in Maths and Art. She got through to the school finals for this particular competition. Her presentation was extremely analytical and thorough and demonstrated that she can get to grips with difficult concepts and thoroughly understands the use of visual language and the potential of symbolism. Another example would be when she happily ran a drawing workshop for other sixth formers. Genevieve is extremely technically able, and she confidently shared her honed techniques with the other students. She was well prepared and came in with pre made resources and examples. She delivered a demonstration calmly and confidently, explaining her process in clear steps. I was particularly impressed by the level of maturity that she displayed. Genevieve always seemed to enjoy new challenges, needing little, if no, encouragement or motivation from myself. She also gave a presentation to the whole school (in assemblies) and to parents, staff and governors at the annual Art Exhibition on her artistic process. In this respect she was a great role model to younger students; demonstrating the academic rigour that can be present in the study of art. She interacted extremely well with her peers and staff alike as she came across as both personable to and supportive of others. She always seemed unperturbed by the pressure of deadlines and I have never known her to miss one. She possessed a calm, yet focussed demeanour. I cannot recommend her enough in the role as a tutor. I would happily employ her within my department as a teacher, given the opportunity.

    Ms A Westmore

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    Genevieve came to my studio for work experience from high school, I was so impressed with her I made a job on Saturdays for her. We teach people how to do pottery for leisure and Genevieve was incredibly adaptable and proactive. She learned skills quickly and confidently supported people who were new to the craft, she has always displayed natural sensitivity and ability beyond her years.

    Having later got to know her family and stayed in touch with her she has been trusted with my home and more importantly my dog. I have the upmost admiration for her strength and enterprise in marketing her own artistic ability and her wonderfully warm and gentle nature.

    I have no doubt that anything Genevieve decides to turn her focus on will be an enormous success and that she will embrace it with utter dedication. I have no hesitation in recommending her as the most capable and reliable young person I have had the pleasure to know.

    Leyla Folwell

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