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Hi! I’m James. I’m a second year Economics student at the University of Warwick. I love Maths and want to share my passion with you! Economics helps us to understand and, over time, improve the world around us. Without a strong mathematical foundation, our economic models would not be nearly as helpful, so Maths is really important to me! I achieved an A* in A-level Maths and would love to help you achieve the same!

I have excelled at tutoring both A-level Maths and Economics online during the pandemic and have also tutored Maths on a voluntary basis in Sixth Form, helping out in a project aimed at disadvantaged students. Even before that, I tutored Maths GCSE as part of my role as an Ambassador for my Secondary School, so I have extensive experience of explaining difficult concepts in accessible ways. I have since decided to specialise in tutoring Maths A-level and Economics A-level, so you can rest assured that my lessons will be of high quality given my focus on these qualifications.

My Subjects

 My Experience:

5+ Years (Maths & Economics)


 My Qualifications:

2019-Present: University of Warwick, BSc Economics
• First Year Optional Modules: Mathematical Analysis and Linear Algebra
• Median test score of 91% in first year
• Second Year Optional Modules: Mathematical Economics 1A (game theory) and Collective

A Levels: Economics (A*), Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*) and Physics (A*)

GCSEs: Mathematics (9), English Literature (9), English Language (8), Further Mathematics (A^),
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Education, Geography, Spanish and Design and Technology
(all A*).


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    I write in my capacity as Personal Tutor for James Hickman, who is a 2nd year student at the University of Warwick. James is registered on the degree programme L100 – Economics, having commenced studying at Warwick in Autumn 19/20.
    The L100 – Economics degree, taught in the Department of Economics, is a 3 year honours degree programme. Graduates’ final degree classifications are based on their performance across Years 2 and 3 of the degree, with Year 1 acting as a qualifying year. Students take the equivalent of four full-weight year-long modules, in each of Years 2 and 3, with equal weight attached to the two years. In Year 2, students take compulsory modules in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Maths and Statistics, plus two optional modules one in term 1 and one in term 2. In Year 3, students undertake a compulsory module EC331 – Research in Applied Economics, based on an individual research project and can then choose a number of optional modules. In the majority of modules in years 1 and 2, assessment is based 80% on an end-of-year summer examination and 20% on coursework assessments or tests. Year 3 is more focused on independent learning and the assessment methods vary widely depending on the modules taken. A core aim of the degree is to equip students with the capacity to be independent learners who will have the desire and skills to progress and develop both at university and after graduation in their professional lives. Successful completion of the degree course should equip graduates with an excellent preparation either for postgraduate study in Economics or a related discipline or for professional employment across a range of graduate occupations, especially those requiring report-writing, logical and critical reasoning, data-handling and statistical or mathematical analysis.
    James Hickman’s module marks in Year 1 were as follows:
    EC104-30 – The World Economy: History & Theory 68
    EC108-30 – Macroeconomics 1 84

    EC109-30 – Microeconomics 1 92
    EC119-15 – Mathematical Analysis 94
    EC123-12 – Mathematical Techniques B 95
    EC124-12 – Statistical Techniques B 97
    EC125-6 – Computing and Data Analysis 67
    EC133-15 – Linear Algebra 98

    The education that students receive in the Department of Economics combines formal techniques and methodological approaches. They are assessed in many ways and through this will develop good interpersonal and communication skills. They also undertake a compulsory Personal Development Module in their first year, which ensures that throughout their time at Warwick, they are able to develop a range of academic, personal and professional skills.
    Let me finish this letter with a more personal assessment of James’ performance since he started at Warwick. I have been James’ personal tutor throughout his time at the University of Warwick, and have talked with him several times. James has achieved full marks in all 3 of his major exams so far in his second year of BSc Economics. This is a remarkable achievement: in each exam, only around 1% of the cohort achieves this kind of level of performance. James has done so in all 3. James excels not only in core Economics modules, but also in the optional modules he chooses, mainly in the field of Mathematics. For example, in his 2 optional modules last year, James achieved an average of 98% in Linear Algebra and 94% in Mathematical Analysis, both exceptional achievements. This level of achievement is truly uncommon, and it makes me think that James will excel in his role as a tutor in A-level Mathematics and Economics. I have no doubt that he will have no problem explaining and making clear difficult concepts to other students.

  2. Verified Reviews

    I engaged James to help my 17 yr old son with his A level maths. James has been brilliant with him and my son has learn a lot and he feels. ” a lot more confident ” with his A level maths. In these uncertain times James has been a great help. James gives me great feed back after each session, ensuring I am kept up to date with how my son is progressing. I would not hesitate to recommend James he has a great professional outlook and he got to know my son and amended his teaching to suit my son’s needs.

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