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I have always enjoyed Maths, and so decided to study it further at The University of York. Last year I graduated with a 2.1. As part of my degree, I was pleased to use my written communication skills to help me produce a first class dissertation entitled ‘Winter is Coming: The Planetary Dynamics of Game of Thrones’.

Leadership and working with others have always been strong skills of mine, and I have used these skills effectively. In summer 2019 I was employed as a seasonal Entertainer at Gulliver’s Kingdom, a children’s theme park, where I would interact with children regularly. I also volunteered at a local Brownies unit, running activities for the children. These skills, along with experience tutoring and helping younger students with their revision throughout school, have led me to become a confident Maths tutor – delivering fun, effective lessons for students of all ages.

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Previously, I have achieved A* in Mathematics (A-Level), A* in English Literature (A-Level), A* in Mathematics (GCSE), A* in English Literature (GCSE) and A in English Language (GCSE). Also during my time at school, I completed multiple leadership courses – maths leaders, sports leaders, dance leaders and language leaders. As part of these courses, I delivered activities to small groups of Primary and Secondary students. I also tutored GCSE science students weekly when I was in the sixth form to help them prepare for their exams


 My Reviews

  1. Charlotte Scotting

    I highly recommend Katie as she has made it very easy to learn as she is extremely approachable and is always able to answer any misunderstandings. This has helped me gain confidence and have a deeper understanding of the subject.
    Her lessons are always personalised to topics that I struggle with and her support with exam questions has had an enormous impact on my understanding. I now feel confident at answering questions at school and have caught up massively with the subject therefore I am hopeful of achieving the GCSE grade that I need that would have not been possible without Katie’s excellent tutoring.
    Olivia Scotting Yr11

  2. Verified Reviews

    I highly recommend Katie for the job as an online tutor. During her time at Gulliver’s Kingdom she worked under myself as a seasonal entertainer, her time at Gulliver’s was short however she picked up the day to day needs of the business quickly and was enthusiastic and passionate about any role or task she was given.

    Katie joined Gulliver’s in my first year of being a manager for the company, during which time I was undergoing the in-house trainee manager programme, and I couldn’t have asked for a more hard working and committed member of the team, Katie quickly became a reliable and much loved member of staff and she has been greatly missed this season.

    Katie demonstrated skills such as thinking on her feet when placed in a challenging situation and fantastic time keeping, ensuring she arrived on time to work and rehearsals, even on days when she was called in at short notice. Katie is a quick learner and can adapt to different situations very quickly as well as just being all round hard working.


    Natasha Allen

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