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 My Bio

Hi! My name is Manaul and I’m a 2nd year Maths student at the University of Oxford.

I offer:
– KS3, KS4, KS5 Maths
– KS3, KS4 IT/Computing.

I have wide experience in tutoring students on an individual basis and in groups, with many of them achieving top grades. I have been told that my patient approach makes learning enjoyable for students, as I am considered very friendly and easy to talk to.

In online lessons, my use of a digital whiteboard lets me prioritise interactivity and a more dynamic form of teaching. I am empathetic and can teach students of all ages and abilities; I try to ensure that the lessons are relaxed but studious. While my classes are heavily focused on exam technique, they also try to build students’ general problem solving skills. This is to build their confidence in the subject, dispel any misconceptions they may have about it, and show them how it can be applied to everyday life.

I am very skilled and passionate about the subjects I teach. I have strong qualifications including A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Computing GCSEs and A-Level Maths. For my degree, my professors have predicted me a 2:1, as well as a 1st in Differential Equations.
For computing/IT: I have a strong coding background. I am confident in many programming languages, from C++ and JavaScript to CSS and Visual Basic. I achieved an A* in my Computing GCSE Exam and A* in my Python coursework – and I have experience teaching Python to GCSE computing students. My current degree at Oxford heavily utilises MATLAB, Python and R as part of coursework and classes.

My Subjects

 My Experience:

2+ Years


 My Qualifications:

Predicted 2:1
2018 – 2019
2011 – 2018
A-Level: A*BB with A* in Mathematics
GCSE: 7A* with A* in Math, English, Science, Computing


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    Our Mathematics faculty felt that Manaul had ‘an exceptional feeling for the more challenging concepts of Maths’, as well as a passion to always push his understanding one step deeper. His talent and precision was underlined by him achieving 100 UMS in the most challenging core unit at AS; a reflection of his remarkable ability to work with abstract mathematical ideas. He relishes proving deeper philosophical aspects of mathematics, and really thinks like a mathematician, in that he will pick on subtle errors in a line of proof or will persist in defining concepts accurately. He also appreciates the elegance of mathematics, and has a particular interest in computer science and the mathematical ideas and theory underpinning it.
    I recall a problem-solving workshop at Barclays in which students worked alongside senior analysts – all with firsts in Maths. At the start, a chessboard puzzle was shown for all to consider as they worked on other tasks. It was a joy to watch Manual solve this within half an hour and explain his method with clarity and charm to the rest of us. The solution was in fact very simple, but only he had managed to hone in on the key idea. This ability to see the simplicity in something apparently complex makes him ideally suited to helping others make sense of mathematical problems and concepts.
    Manaul is charming, patient and has a great sense of humour. He is mature, reliable and professional in his dealings with others, and has gained experience in working with a wide variety of people in his time at Oxford in recent years. These personal qualities, combined with his almost intuitive grasp of mathematics, make him ideally placed to have success with any student lucky enough to have him as a tutor.
    I recommend him to you in the strongest possible terms.

  2. Verified Reviews

    I am please to recommend Manaul Hoque as a Cambridge Online Tutor.
    I have taught Theo from October 2019 in very small (two or three students) groups at the University of Oxford.
    Manaul is a reliable student who very much enjoys doing Mathematics. He is fun to teach, asking good questions in the tutorials and providing his own creative solutions. He is equally happy in the parts of the course that require abstract reasoning as in those parts where concrete calculations are required.
    With his mathematical talent and his passion for mathematics, Manaul can inspire students that find mathematics hard as well as enable those who find it easy to reach their full potential.

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