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Hi! My name is Maya, I am a third year student at the University of York, and I am studying Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy!

I have enjoyed tutoring a lot of different people on a small scale since I was quite young and I always aim to be as understanding and clear as possible! I think the most important part of tutoring is creating a way of learning that is suitable to the individual that is being taught – this way the learning process is mutual as I can learn from teaching as well. During lessons, feel free to ask me any questions, request for me to explain everything again or to move on to different areas of the subject! I want to create a comfortable environment in which anyone feels eager to learn and challenge themselves.

I have completed my international VWO baccalaureate with scores of 100/100 in French (French is my mother language), and 80/100 in both English and Maths. I have also obtained my CAE Certificate with an overall score of 209/210, and my DELF Certificate with an overall score of 9.3/10 for level C1. This makes me confident that together with the tutees, we can tackle any challenges in these subject areas!

I look forward to hearing from you! Please get in touch with any possible questions.

Tutoring subjects:
English: KS1, 2 and 3
Maths: KS1 and 2
French: any levels
TEFL/TESOL: any levels

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    I have known Maya since her first year at the University of York. I became her academic supervisor in September 2020, and we have been in close and regular contact since that point. As such, I feel that I am well qualified to report both on her academic and personal progress at the University.

    Academically, Maya is an excellent student. Her tutors report that she is consistently and reliably engaged with module materials and seminar discussions, and – while marks for her first year are largely unavailable (due to the pandemic) – the marks that we do have for Maya’s written assessments are really very good indeed. I look forward very much to seeing what she will be able to achieve by the end of her time with us. She is fluent in a number of European languages, and is eager to communicate, discuss, and engage with people and the world around her. She has been involved with a number of volunteer activities on top of her academic commitments (and her capacity to balance and excel at both speaks extremely well for her capacity to manage her own time), and is an extremely competent person – she is, reliably, a joy to have around.

    In short, I can recommend Maya to you with no reservations at all. I am certain that she will give of her absolute best in any role that she undertakes, and that she will do so with wholehearted pride.

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    Verified Reviews

    I am pleased to hear that Maya Azarine Shadi Landheer is applying for a job as mentor for students.
    As her former manager at The Pancake Bakery, I’ve been able to see that Maya is a hardworking, reliable and intelligent young woman. She was always giving her best efforts during her shifts, always friendly and full of energy.
    I can assure you that Maya would make an excellent tutor and that the students that are going to work with her will be lucky to have her.
    Not only will Maya be an excellent employee, I also know that she is a lovely, caring and responsible person. Without a doubt I would hire her again when she comes back to the Netherlands.

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