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Hi, my name is Shaunak and I have been tutoring for the last one and a half years.

A bit about my background. Maths first clicked for me in my first maths lesson of secondary school. I had always been good at maths, but it was in Year 7 that my interest grew and was cultivated until I knew I wanted to do it for A Levels and later as a university degree. I completed my GCSEs from a comprehensive school and secured 11 A*s. I taught myself the Further Maths GCSE course as my school did not offer lessons for it. For sixth form, I applied to St. Paul’s School to experience an environment that would challenge me academically beyond the confines of the curriculum. I am currently a third-year undergraduate mathematician at Merton College, University of Oxford and thoroughly enjoying the intensive course!

I have been tutoring maths ranging from Key Stage 3 to Oxbridge admissions preparation, since January 2022, particularly preparing students for their GCSE and A Level exams. I really enjoy showing my pupils that maths doesn’t need to be as intimidating and unintuitive as it is often made out to be!

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 My Experience:

I have one and a half years’ experience in tutoring.


 My Qualifications:

A Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*
Pre U: Physics D1, French D3

9 in English Literature, Chemistry, French, Maths, Physics
8 in Biology, English Language, Computer Science, History, Music
A^ (A* with distinction) in Further Maths


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