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My experience working with children and teenagers of different ages, social backgrounds, countries, and ethnic groups shapes my friendly characteristics in teaching. I am good at communicating with my pupils patiently and explaining the subject’s topics in an engaging method. With my educational background and results-focused tutoring sessions in the Elevator Project, I am familiar with the Maths syllabuses in IGCSE, A-Levels and SQA. I am confident to provide satisfying maths tutorials, especially in GCSE, National 5 and AS levels. Besides, as a native Chinese speaker, I can also offer Chinese tutorials to the students for oral exam preparations and written exams.

My Subjects

 My Experience:

1+ Year


 My Qualifications:

University of Edinburgh (Present): Geography & Economics

A-Levels: Economics(A*) Mathematics(A) Geography(A)

IGCSE: First Language Chinese(A*)


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    It is a pleasure to write in support of Cuiluo (Tracy) Li. I have known Tracy for almost three years as her Personal Tutor. Throughout this time, her energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn has consistently impressed me. In addition, Tracy is an exceptionally polite, friendly and considerate student driven to help others realise their potential. She is a delightful Personal Tutee and I am certain that she will prove to be a dedicated employee.

    To date, Tracy has worked well within the rigours of our degree programme. I do not have the 2020-2021 Semester 2 grades available to me as we are currently awaiting the outcome of our Exam Board, however, I can confirm that Tracy has scored a series of very respectable grades. These include an impressive 87% in her elective Student-Led, Individually-Created Course (SLICC; Summer Year 1), a 60% in the Topics in
    Microeconomics course, a 59% in the Human Geography core course, and a 58% in the challenging The Nature of Geographical Knowledge course. Although these grades are not exceptional, one should evaluate them in context. First, Tracy is an international student and second, whilst in Edinburgh, she has devoted much time volunteering and/or working as a tutor to improve her teaching skills.

    Working as a maths tutor at Tynecastle High School, Tracy has developed excellent communication skills and a wealth of experience of working with teenagers. This includes being sensitive to their needs and devising personalised learning schedules.

    In sum, Tracy is a very capable individual with much potential, who will be a wonderful asset to any organisation she joins.

  2. Verified Reviews

    Having had the chance to get to know Tracy as her personal tutor since September 2020, I have been impressed by her positive attitude. She has maintained that positivity this year despite the numerous challenges and uncertainties presented by Covid 19. She is friendly, confident, and engaging, and can communicate well in both written and spoken English. As a Geography and Economics student, she has developed multiple transferable skills that will enable her to perform well as a tutor, including working independently and as part of a team, giving presentations, and collating, synthesising and communicating information in a variety of different formats. Taking a joint honours degree demonstrates the broad scope of Tracy’s knowledge and interests, as well as her ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines. Tracy has extensive experience of working with and tutoring children and young people, and I am confident in her abilities as a tutor.

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