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My name is Daniel and I’m a physics student at the University of Warwick. I am passionate about teaching STEM as I love helping people understand the world around us; I enjoy combining problem-solving strategies with memory techniques in unique ways, which I hope is reflected in a creative and enjoyable teaching style.

During Sixth Form, I tutored science and maths to GCSE and A level students, which allowed me to discover how information can be communicated in the most captivating and effective ways, so that you understand the topics, not just know the facts.

I am confident with the modern GCSE and A level specifications and achieved A*s in physics, chemistry, maths and further maths at A level.

I will tailor every lesson to every student so that you learn effectively and also develop the problem-solving skills which are essential for science and maths. I hope to give you a thorough depth of insight into the subject and also refine your exam technique, so that you will be prepared for final assessments.

Away from tutoring and studying, I’m the academic coordinator for the university Astronomy Society. I enjoy stargazing, puzzle solving, playing in a brass band and underwater hockey.

I’d be delighted to help you in any way, so please do get in touch!

I offer:
– Physics (KS3, GCSE, A level)
– Chemistry (KS3, GCSE, A level)
– Mathematics (KS3, GCSE, A level)
– Additional Mathematics (KS4)
– Further Mathematics (GCSE, A level)

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    I cannot speak highly enough about Daniel. He was a model pupil who succeeded in everything he turned his hand to, he excelled in his year group and was always exceptionally reliable.
    While at 6th Form he volunteered to help with some 1-1 tuition back here at Landau Forte Amington during some of his free periods. I can’t begin to tell you the impact he had on some of our students who found it difficult to learn in the classroom environment, who suffered with various aspects of ASD and those who lacked confidence. Daniel always found a way to make them understand concepts they found difficult. He has a gift of calmness and a gentle demeanour that would make students feel comfortable and willing to answer questions without feeling inadequate.
    Daniel always arrived on time and never once didn’t turn up in the 18 months he offered support.
    Thoroughly recommend without any hesitation.

  2. Verified Reviews

    As a postgraduate teaching assistant, I have been tutoring Daniel for the first year of his undergraduate Physics studies at the University of Warwick. We have had classes on Classical Mechanics, Special Relativity, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, and Quantum Phenomena. These classes have been focused on problem sheets whose marks contribute to the students’ overall grade for their first year.
    Of all my students, Daniel reliably scores amongst the highest, if not the highest in the class; regularly getting full marks in all questions. In addition, his average mark sits comfortably in the top 10 for the entire first year cohort at Warwick. Most of the problem sheets that the students are asked to complete have some form of optional questions. To solve these requires physics knowledge to be applied in an unseen and often difficult way. Daniel is one of the very select few in my class to even attempt these questions, having the same rate of success as he does with the mandatory questions. This is hopefully a clear testament to both his keen problem solving ability and time management skills.
    As having marked many first year problem sheet solutions, I can attest that the most common problem among new students is that they have very poor presentation skills. They will often appear to chaotically throw physical principles at a problem until they stumble across the answer, all the while documenting their solutions in a hectic “stream of consciousness” way that misses out important points of reasoning. My first few classes with students often consists of trying to rectify this. Daniel stands uniquely as the one student in my class where this is not the case. He deftly solves problems in a clear and concise way, making clear which physical principles he is using and how they are being used. The importance of this skill in relation to tutoring, as well as Science in general, cannot be overstated. As I have mentioned to him on multiple occasions, Daniel’s solutions are a joy to mark.
    I often ask open-ended questions in class. This is to help students break free from the myopia of the problem sets and see the whole picture of the physics we are studying. I can count on Daniel to make important contributions to these discussions, ones which both help elucidate the subject for the rest of class and confirm to me that Daniel understands the material at a fundamental level.
    In addition to the standard first year material, I have offered some optional classes which have been aimed at the more competent students in the group. They covered Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics with their application to Electromagnetism. These topics are typically reserved for the second year and beyond of an undergraduate physics degree due to their difficulty. Daniel has taken this new material in his stride. I think this makes clear the fact that Daniel has deep affection for the subject of Physics. Based on this and the above information, I think Daniel would make a great addition to Cambridge Online Tutors.

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