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I’m a law student at Bristol Uni looking to help with KS4-KS5 tutoring in law, politics, psychology and sociology. I have 5 A-Levels, 13 GCSEs and a very enviable track record, so I’m sure I can help you with whatever you need (academic support, exam skills).

For my A-Levels I studied law, politics, psychology, sociology and philosophy. They’re very much essay based (as is my degree), so don’t be afraid to ask for help – I’ve had more than enough practice!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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    I can confirm that Jack Walton works for 360 Sports Education on a part time basis in the school holidays. Working as an instructor/coach working with children from the ages of 4-12 years old.

    We provide holiday sports camps and after school care in a number of venues. Jack has always been flexible, hardworking and a valued member of staff. He has a great rapport with the children, and parents and staff alike.

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    Verified Reviews

    Jack’s commitment to the college and local communities is shown through his excellent work on our fund raising Slave Day and throughout the organisation of the Senior Citizen Christmas tea party and pantomime trip, in addition he has spoken to parents and visitors as open evenings and other marketing events, sharing his experiences and providing thoughtful guidance in order to assist others to make informed decisions about subject and sixth form choices. Jack is a very likeable and relaxed young man who manages to maintain a healthy work life balance between part time work, extra-curricular, voluntary and social activities alongside the pressures of his academic studies. Jack has a ‘can do’ attitude and will approach any task or activity with an eager and positive mentality. His excellent organisational skills and the ability to meet important deadlines allows him to keep his classwork up to date.

    I am convinced that Jack has the temperament, tenacity, patience, enthusiasm and academic standards to be an asset to your organisation. His impressive communication skills and effectiveness when working alone or within a team will serve him very well in later life. He is a positive, optimistic and hardworking young man who, I believe, will succeed in all he strives for. I have no hesitation in recommending him to all who consider this application.

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