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– A-level Psychology
– GCSE Business
– Personal Statements/admissions

Hi, my name is Macy and I’m a second-year student studying Law at the University of Bristol. I teach A-level psychology and GSCE Business, having achieved A*s in both subjects at the respective levels.

My other academic achievements include an A* in History and A in English Literature at A-level, along with 10 A*s At GCSE. I am a confident and outgoing tutor who strives to make every lesson as enjoyable as it is informative; my teaching style is interactive and tailored specifically toward exam-technique- I share with students the exact revision strategies that helped me achieve the highest grades.

I can also help you with personal statements/admissions. I received 4 offers to study Law (all Russel Group Universities) and secured an interview at Cambridge. Thus, I am well-equipped to help you write a personal statement that appeals to university admissions teams and showcases your best self.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further enquiries and I look forward to teaching you!

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I teach A-level psychology and GSCE Business, having achieved A*s in both subjects at the respective levels. My other academic achievements include an A* in History and an A in English Literature at A-level, as well as 10 A*s at GSCE.


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  1. Verified Reviews

    I worked with Macy during the last university year 2019/2020 as part of the Law Society. We campaigned together for roles within the organisation.

    As a part of this Macy demonstrated an aptitude for public speaking and presentations to explain why students should vote for her, she showed great communication skills and proved herself to be extremely organised in terms of preparation of materials in a variety of media as well as being approachable and personable to law students to increase membership to our society.

    The Law Society role is on top of Macy’s studies and required considerable commitment and time management to be able to complete all tasks to Macy’s very high own personal standards.

  2. Verified Reviews

    I have known Macy since 2017 and have worked with her on a number of projects during our time at 6th Form. The Young Enterprise Scheme was one of these projects, where Macy was the Managing Director of our task to create a profitable. This involved allocating tasks across a team of 12 individuals, ensuring each team member completed their tasks in a timely manner as well sticking to a budget and maximising the profitability of our initiative.

    Macy proved herself to be extremely organised and prepared but also adept at engaging with and creating rapport with each team member, all of them being quite different in personality types, encouraging each of them to contribute with ideas and suggestions, showing everyone’s contribution was valid and valued.

    Another project we attended together was a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. This was quite an intense course and Macy threw herself into it with confidence and gusto, she participated well within the group and came up with some creative ideas for making learning fun as well as thinking about learning outcomes for each lesson.

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