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6 months


 My Qualifications:

I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Exeter.

 A level Qualifications

2017-2019 (Roundwood Park School Sixth Form, Harpenden)

English Literature- A

Psychology- A

Government and Politics- A

GCSE level qualifications

2012-2017 (Sir John Lawes School, Harpenden)

 10 GCSE’s including 2 A* in English Literature and Language, 3 A’s in Religious Education, French and Textiles and B’s in Maths and Science subjects (triple).


 My Reviews

  1. Verified Reviews

    I confirm that I have known Megan as a family friend for 13 years. I have witnessed her develop into a charming young woman who is empathetic, personable and engaging with all ages of people. She approaches life’s challenges with thoughtfulness and determination and I have always experienced her as a hard working, conscientious and trustworthy person.
    I would have no hesitation in providing a character reference accordingly.

  2. Verified Reviews

    Megan gained 10 GCSE’s, 5 at A*/A grade. She has studied Psychology, Government and Politics and English Literature at A Level. Megan’s determination to study Psychology at degree level has inspired her to persevere and manage her health issues. Despite the impact this had on her attendance in the first year of Sixth Form, Megan achieved highly and her commitment should not be underestimated. In Psychology, Megan easily grasped the concepts and scientific understanding from psychological research and ably solidifies and gives the wider picture in her answers. Megan considers alternative viewpoints before communicating her own opinions and listens well to advice, reflecting on her longer written answers. Her understanding of scientific ideas is demonstrated with detail. She comprehends the key processes and techniques of psychological studies and implemented procedures during class experiments. This able mathematician is equipped to statistically analyse data and report on outcomes. She describes trends and patterns within data clearly, interpreting and presenting graphical presentations with precision. Megan confidently explained the strengths and limitations as well as the ethical issues with regard to research design. Her answers were balanced, with logical chains of reasoning. A quick worker, Megan coped well under timed conditions. Her initial responses were often intuitively correct and she displayed good breadth in her answers. Described as having huge potential, Megan has developed the confidence to flourish at University level.

    This highly enthusiastic Government and Politics student is described as thoughtful, talented and ambitious. Her integrity and maturity are impressive. Despite having to contend with challenges beyond the classroom, Megan’s commitment to her studies was unquestionable as exemplified by her AO1 (knowledge and understanding) tests. Megan consistently achieved around 80 % suggesting a sound grasp of political vocabulary and key concepts. Her essay writing skills are advanced and are rich with knowledge and understanding. By reading beyond the standard text Megan has demonstrated her strong work ethic and is a competent, independent worker.

    Megan worked hard in preparation for her English Literature internal exams. She ably engaged with the set texts
    showing a good understanding and identifying how attitudes and values are expressed by writers. She considers the significance of the contexts in which the texts are written and received and considers authorial intent. By embarking on a wider range of independent reading, Megan showed a good understanding of the dystopian genre. Her analytical methods are focused and detailed and she can structure a coherent argument, addressing the question and meeting the assessment objectives. Her tutor states that she has the potential to do well.

    Beneath the surface of this modest young lady lies the drive that has enthused Megan to start her own businesses, complete her Bronze D of E award and attain a Brown belt in karate. She has volunteered for the RDA to help disabled children horse ride and is often responsible for her three younger siblings. These are admirable achievements for a student who has battled with medical issues while maintaining her studies. This is a young person who deserves the opportunity to work at your business and I most highly recommend her to you.

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