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Hey! My name is Sofija Dubianskaja, I am originally from Russia but now live in London. I am a First Year Biology Undergraduate Student at Durham University and have a passion for teaching others. Having lived in 5 different countries and having attended 6 different schools, I have gotten comfortable with communicating with a variety of different people over the years.

I have achieved 40 points in the International Baccalaureate with a 7 in Higher Level Biology and a 7 in Higher Level Russian B. Further I completed my E-Assessments receiving a 7 in Integrated Sciences and other disciplines.

I am tutoring Biology KS3-KS5, Maths KS2-KS3 as well as Russian Beginner/Intermediate.

I am really looking forward to tutoring you and helping you with your academic studies. Please contact me if you have any questions or require further details.

Thank you!

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I have achieved 40 points in the International Baccalaureate with a 7 in Higher Level Biology and a 7 in Higher Level Russian B. Further I completed my E-Assessments receiving a 7 in Integrated Sciences and other disciplines.


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    My name is Corinne Peron and I have known Sofija Dubianskaja for over 10 years now. Last year Sofija tutored my daughter Marine in chemistry for 6 months as she was preparing for her IGCSE exams.

    Throughout the whole process Sofija showed great detail to work and great organisational skills. During the tutoring sessions, Marine and Sofija discussed the areas in which Marine was struggling most in order for the session to be as productive as possible. Sofija initiated all conversations and was confident in asking various questions in order to understand Marine better as a student. The tutoring sessions lasted between 45-60 minutes during which Marine completed various exercises previously created by Sofija to ensure she had understood what was revised. Sofija gave clear and helpful explanations to Marine and allowed her to progress quickly. Marine managed to get an 87 (A*-A) at IGCSE which ascertains that the help that Sofija gave Marine was extremely beneficial. The sessions were well organised, with Sofija preparing appropriate presentations to support learning as well as utilising a whiteboard to interact with Marine. These sessions happened on a regular basis, at least once a week, and they demonstrated Sofija’s understanding, knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject as well as very capable tutoring skills. Finally, I believe that this experience was extremely valuable for Sofija as she gained many skills through tutoring Marine such as explaining, communicating and planning skills.

    Therefore, I believe that Sofija is perfect for this tutoring role, as she possesses many skills which make her a great educator.

    Corinne Peron

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    I have known Sofija Dubianskaja for 2 years as her IB Diploma Biology teacher. It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation of Sofija for a tutoring position as I have confidence she would excel in such a role.

    During her time as my student, Sofija consistently demonstrate a strong academic ability supported by her thorough revision methods and work ethic. In class, she demonstrated sound critical thinking skills, an ability to apply conceptual knowledge to content beyond the curriculum, and a mastery of data analysis. She can work effectively under timed conditions and she is able to manage her time for extended projects efficiently. These skills and natural attributes would serve Sofija well in a tutoring position, as she is already well practiced in various revision techniques and understands from personal experience the benefits of adhering to a revision schedule. In addition to the insight she can bring to a tutoring session, Sofija is also a natural teacher. She is patient, supportive, and has experience helping her own classmates through difficult concepts. Often in class students would turn to Sofija for help instinctively before even asking for clarification from their teacher. Having good personal skills is crucial for anyone taking on a role in education and Sofija’s are already well developed.

    In addition to being able to handle the responsibilities of a tutor, Sofija is also a content expert. She was the highest performing student in her class and would regularly earn 7s (85-100% of marks) on her tests and exams. Sofija has repeated demonstrate an ability to excel in the application of Biology content and Sciences in general.

    Sofija is a mature and good-natured young woman, with a fine sense of humour. She is certainly a very gifted student which she demonstrated by achieving high marks across the different subject areas of the International Baccalaureate.

    Sofija has my highest recommendation for your consideration.

    IB Biology Teacher

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