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1+ Year


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MEng Biomedical engineering
University of Glasgow | 2020 – 2025

A-Levels: Mathematics (A*), Spanish (A*), Further Mathematics (A), Physics (A)
AS-Levels: Chemistry (B)
Spanish curriculum subjects: History (10), Spanish Literature (10), Chemistry
(10), Biology (8.5)
Class representative for Biomedical Engineering
Member of Handprints e-NABLE Scotland in the Education division
Societies: Language4Water, Biomedical Engineering Society, Handprints
e-NABLE Scotland
– Improved leadership skills



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  1. Verified Reviews

    I have been asked by Alejandra to provide a letter of reference for her, and I am more than happy to do so. I understand that Alejandra has applied to be an online tutor for children in school and I believe that she would be very well suited to that role. I am very happy to support and recommend her.
    By way of introduction, I am a lawyer listed on the Roll of Solicitors held by the Law Society of Scotland. I am not related in any way to Alejandra, and I agree that this reference may be shared with pupils on her website bio.
    I met Alejandra in February 2021 when I signed up to a Spanish class run by the charity “Languages4Water”. This is an excellent charity which raises funds to improve the provision of clean water in developing countries. The scheme depends heavily on native language speakers being willing to devote their time and energy to teaching students the relevant language. The student pays the money to the charity and the native language speaker runs the classes without remuneration.
    Alejandra was my tutor in a ten week intermediate Spanish course which ran from early February 2021. I found her to be enthusiastic, conscientious and always well prepared. These classes cannot be easy to tutor as the students are a disparate self-selecting group of people, who are not necessarily at the same standard in terms of their knowledge of their chosen language.
    Alejandra coped well with that and clarified at the start of the course what students wished to achieve during it. She identified issues that could be focussed on in each class, e.g. the correct use of por/para, or the proper use of hace/desde hace/desde que etc. She then prepared classes explaining these issues in a way which was clear and appropriate to learners at an intermediate level. These skills could easily be used to follow a course aimed at teaching children to a particular level.
    In each class, Alejandra had prepared PowerPoint presentations, set exercises to be followed and offered feedback and support after the lesson, if required. Alejandra made the lessons interesting, focussed and relevant. The classes were conducted online due to the pandemic, and Alejandra was confident with the use of technology. The classes were interactive and fun.
    Alejandra has a pleasant, friendly and patient personality and put a great deal of effort into her classes. On one occasion, for reasons unexplained, I was the only student who attended the scheduled class. The lesson Alejandra had prepared was intended for a group of several students. I offered to simply skip class that week, but Alejandra did not want to do that and instead adapted what she had prepared to present a one to one lesson. She is well able to be flexible as required, and I was impressed on that occasion by her ability to think on her feet and her conscientiousness in continuing with such a small class.
    I hope that this gives sufficient information about my experience of learning Spanish with Alejandra’s help. I am very happy to recommend Alejandra for the post of online tutor.

  2. Verified Reviews

    My relationship with Alejandra is purely professional – as head teacher of The English School of Asturias – where she studied since Year 2. We have no family connections, but she is a student whom I know very well and I am delighted to be able to write this reference for her.

    I have known Alejandra since 2008, when she enrolled in our school in Year 2. She has always been a responsible, hardworking and kind student, growing in confidence and character through her formative years – blossoming into one of the most admired and respected students in her cohort year.

    Alejandra completed her studies at our school in June 2020, during the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She showed grit, resilience and determination through this challenging period of sixth form studies for so many students during unprecedented times.

    Alejandra was elected House Captain in Year 13 at our school (2019-20) and during the period in which the school was open, she showed initiative and good will, becoming a positive role model for her peers and younger students. She makes younger students feel safe and gives them space to develop their ideas, as well as being completely trustworthy, safe, responsible and professional.

    Alejandra has a wide range of skill sets: she is multilingual, incredibly intelligent, but never arrogant or pushy and always collegiate. Her organization skills have always been of a very high standard, even when she was younger. She has patience and is clear-headed: qualities which make an excellent teacher. I wholeheartedly recommend Alejandra for this role as an online teacher – she would be an asset to any learning community.

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