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Hello! I’m Cahir, and I’m here to help with Spanish! Having studied it since 2014 and now undertaking an undergraduate degree in the language, Spanish has always been a deep passion of mine. Throughout my time at school, I achieved an A* grade in Spanish at both GCSE and A-Level, and as I continue my undergraduate studies in Italian and Spanish (MA Hons) at the University of Edinburgh, I have been able to refine my linguistic skills.

One very important experience of mine was when I helped as a teaching assistant in Spanish for two academic years at my secondary school. During this time I was able to discover a great enthusiasm for teaching as I helped other students with grammatical exercises, vocabulary, and speaking.

I have just spent 5 months living and studying in the city of Salamanca as part of the Erasmus exchange, and I was fortunate enough to put all that I had learnt over the previous years into practice at the Universidad de Salamanca. Now that I have just concluded my third year at university and about to commence my final year, I am ready to use the knowledge that I have acquired and apply it to my tuition lessons.

Having already achieved the relevant qualifications in Spanish at secondary school, I have a deep understanding of what is required of students who are studying or wanting to begin learning the language!

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 My Experience:

From a very young age I have been extremely committed to Spanish, which has been demonstrated particularly during my final two years at school. Alongside my A-Level studies, from September 2018 to February 2020, I helped as a teaching assistant for Spanish twice a week in two different classes for the younger year groups including one class at GCSE level. My role consisted of helping students with their grammar, testing them regularly on vocabulary and preparing them for speaking exams. Thanks to this opportunity I have developed a great enthusiasm for teaching, and I now have a solid grounding in helping students at various levels to achieve their aims!

As I am currently at university, I have just returned from my year abroad which has boosted my linguistic skills significantly. Over the past year I lived and studied for 5 months in Pisa (Italy) followed by 5 months in Salamanca (Spain). Throughout my time abroad I am delighted to say that I have studied at one of the oldest universities in Spain! In addition to practicing my target languages daily, I also regularly attended language exchanges where I could speak to people from many different countries in a relaxed environment. This opportunity enabled me to help others learn English as well as to understand in more depth the process of learning a new language!


 My Qualifications:

Having finished school only 3 years ago, I still have a great understanding of what is expected of school students who are learning a modern foreign language. My passion for language learning has been reflected through my achievement of A* grades in French and Spanish at GCSE as well as an A* grade in Spanish at A-Level. So, I completely understand the difficult yet fascinating process of learning a new language! I continue to sustain my passion for foreign languages as I enter my final year of studies at university to obtain my undergraduate degree in 2024.

As I look to become a teacher after my studies, I am currently completing my certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Through this course I have learnt how to plan lessons efficiently and teach effectively! My other qualifications at A-Level also include an A* in English Literature as well as an A* in Art and Design.


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