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Hi everyone.
I’ve been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 2005 in 6 countries, delivering classes from level A1 – C2 and covering a wide range of areas (General English, exam preparation, skill-based courses, 1-2-1 classes, EAP, teacher training) and ages (children to adults). I’m also a Cambridge CELTA tutor where I train people to teach English as a Foreign language, so rest assure that I’m up to date with the latest teaching methodologies.

I’ve worked an an examiner for over 10 years for several English language proficiency exams (IELTS, Cambridge English (A2-C1), International Baccalaureate, Cambridge iGCSE) and am familiar with preparing students for these.

In my lessons, I like to encourage students to speak as much as possible, as this is the skill they lack the most practice in. I always correct your language in a meaningful way and tailor my lessons to your specific needs and interests. I’m a fan of using authentic materials to help students reach their goals, as these contain examples of language used on a daily basis.

As a language learner myself (I hold C1 certificates in French and Spanish), I understand the struggles of learning and perfecting another language, so I like to incorporate aspects of learner training into my lessons (and homework) to help students learn more effectively and efficiently. I look forward to seeing you in my classes soon.

My Subjects

 My Experience:

1+ Year


 My Qualifications:

  • – BA Modern Languages (French, Spanish, TESOL)
    – PGCE Post-Compulsory Education (16+)
    – Cambridge DELTA
    – MA English Language Teaching
    – E-Moderator Certificate
    – MA Translation


 My Reviews

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    Stephen Sharpe is a creative, dedicated teacher who connects easily with others. He has more than 15 years of experience teaching a range of levels (from beginner to advanced) with students from all over the world and is also a certified IELTS and ESOL examiner. He has a wealth of experience teaching general English, IELTS preparation, English for academic purposes and young learner classes.

    A DELTA qualified teacher, he has a sound theoretical knowledge of the language and uses a range of effective teaching strategies to help students improve all 4 skills as well as pronunciation. He has great classroom management skills and plans engaging lessons which meet the needs of his students and help them to meet their goals.

    Ste is extremely organised and efficient. He always completes tasks in a timely manner. He has excellent communication and people skills and is always looking for creative solutions to any problems he might encounter.

  2. Verified Reviews

    Stephen is approachable and offers support to everyone around all the time. He has always been a great support to all teachers and colleagues and used to motivate everyone to develop professionally. This was done by giving constructive feedback and sharing professional development opportunities that he knows might be of interest to different teachers and staff members.
    He’s also very professional and proactive in his attitude towards any difficulties or problems that come up at work; trying to find immediate solutions and communicate them clearly to all people involved when it comes to challenges and approaches them very positively.
    He’s always been keen on learning about new cultures, trying different cuisines and taking language courses. During the few years I worked with him, he was consistently working on improving the different languages he knows i.e. getting to c1 level in Spanish.
    His strengths are building very good rapport with colleagues and students from different backgrounds really quickly which reflects positively on the whole working/teaching environment he is in. He respects individual differences and people’s various cultural traditions and never fails to consider this in all aspects of communication with others.
    He’s very organised, dedicated and committed to his professional development. He’s quite strong in terms of team work, time management and his ability to work with peers from different backgrounds.

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