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TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a field that encompasses the teaching of English to non-native speakers. It requires individuals with strong language skills, cultural understanding, and effective teaching methodologies. I possess a wealth of qualifications and experiences that make me a great TEFL teacher as well as being a native English speaker.
Throughout my academic career, I have achieved outstanding accomplishments within linguistic areas which I believe demonstrates my determination, versatility, and ability to excel when teaching languages.
Classes will always be tailored to each student’s learning style and needs. Whether you need to learn English for work or studies, prepare for official examinations, or simply want to practice conversation skills, I can create a class for you! We’ll develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, as well as learn about vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and functional language.

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 My Experience:

Throughout my professional journey, I have gained valuable experience in the field of education, particularly in teaching languages. My diverse range of experiences has allowed me to work with students of various age groups and backgrounds, honing my teaching skills and fostering a passion for helping others learn and grow.

To begin, I started my teaching journey as a voluntary GCSE French tutor in 2018, while I was studying for my A Levels. I provided support and guidance to students preparing for their exams. This experience allowed me to develop my instructional techniques and cultivate a nurturing learning environment.

Building upon my French tutoring experience, in 2018 I also volunteered as a Spanish teacher for primary school students. This opportunity enabled me to engage young learners, making language learning fun and interactive with nurturing their language skills at an early age.

Additionally, during my time at Queen's University Belfast, I dedicated my time and expertise to the Northern Ireland Somali Association, where I worked closely with children and young people aged 5-16 . As an academic mentor, I assisted them with their schoolwork, with a particular focus on English language tutoring due to English being their second language. This experience enhanced my ability to adapt teaching methods to cater to the unique needs of students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Further enriching my teaching portfolio, I had the privilege of working at a Spanish state school during the 2021-2022 academic year. Here, I delivered English conversation classes, cultural lessons, reading and writing practice, and grammar instruction. This experience not only strengthened my pedagogical skills but also provided insight into the dynamics of a classroom setting with a different educational system.

Continuing my professional growth, I joined the CLASS Learning Center in Castellón de la Plana, where I have taught TEFL to both children and adults. I have given group and one-on-one classes, tailoring my approach to meet the specific learning objectives and preferences of each student.

Moreover, as part of my ongoing professional development, I am currently undertaking the Cambridge CELTA course. Throughout the course, I have engaged in multiple assessed teaching practice sessions with adult students at pre-intermediate and intermediate levels. These practical experiences have allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from the course and refine my teaching techniques.

My extensive experience in teaching languages, ranging from volunteering as a tutor to working in diverse educational settings, has equipped me with a comprehensive skill set. I possess the ability to create engaging lesson plans, adapt teaching methods to suit different learners, and foster a positive and inclusive learning environment.


 My Qualifications:

I am an accomplished individual with a strong academic background and a passion for languages and education. Alongside my qualifications and dedication to continuous learning, I have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in various subjects.

I was particularly successful at GCSE Level, receiving nine A* grades and one A grade from Friends' School Lisburn, Norther Ireland. Building upon this achievement, I went on to study for my A Levels at the same school and obtained two A* grades in French and Spanish and one A grade in Art & Design. I feel these accomplishments reflect my versatility, dedication, and ability to excel in diverse subjects.

In addition to my success at school, I also studied for and obtained the DELE C1 certificate, which I believe is a testament to my advanced proficiency in the Spanish language. This certificate demonstrates my dedication, linguistic skills, cultural understanding, and ability to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

I am very proud to have recently graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a 1st class honours degree in French and Spanish. Throughout my studies at QUB, I demonstrated a strong work ethic, a genuine passion for language learning and teaching, and a commitment to academic excellence. My academic background from Queen's has provided me with a solid foundation in language teaching methodologies, cultural competence , and linguistic analysis.

Currently, I am enrolled on a 4-week intensive CELTA course offered by Cambridge University. This esteemed qualification focuses on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and demonstrates my dedication to expanding my teaching skills. In completing this comprehensive programme, I will gain valuable insights into effective pedagogical techniques, learner-centred instruction, and classroom management.

Beyond my qualifications, I have great interpersonal skills, a proactive attitude, and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching. I have a natural ability to connect with students of diverse backgrounds, adapt teaching methods to suit individual needs, and foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment.


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