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After gaining a 9 in GCSE Geography and then an A* in A-Level, I decided to further pursue the subject at degree level. I am currently finishing the first year of my Geography BSc at the University of Bristol. I wish to combine my love for the subject with my teaching experience, and aid students at any level in any area of Geography.

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 My Experience:

While completing my A-Levels, I mentored GCSE students, specialising in Geography, where I went over any difficult concepts, provided them with case studies, or wrote and marked practice questions.
I also worked as an assistant at a tutoring company during sixth form, where I helped to tutor groups of 4-8 children across Key Stages 1-4. I was also responsible for marking work, finding suitable resources and ensuring their folders were constantly organised.
I also have worked as a private maths tutor, helping the children to pass their 11+ exams and with any general schoolwork.
Finally, I volunteered weekly in a Year 4 class in a local primary school, helping the teacher to create and deliver lessons, as well as working 1-on-1 with SEN and non-English children.
All of my experience has given me invaluable insights into the importance of tailoring lessons and teaching styles for the specific child's needs.


 My Qualifications:

I am currently studying BSc Geography at the University of Bristol. I achieved A*, A*, A in Geography, Economic and Biology A-Levels, as well as 10 A-A* GCSEs (including a 9 in Geography).


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