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I offer one-to-one or group lessons to students of all ages (but preferably KS1 – KS5) who struggle with Biology. Biology is a hard subject at all levels, even if you love it, and there can be so much to memorise. I have mastered many different ways of helping students of all ages understand difficult concepts so that they may perform as well as they can in their exams and get on to their next steps. Whether you find Biology really difficult and just want to pass your exams , or you love Biology and are looking for some extra challenges and some more lesson time, I am the tutor for you!
I am here to tutor students of any age, for their GCSE and A Level exams or even just for personal interest!

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 My Experience:

I have tutored students for their GCSE Chemistry exams and have boosted their grades from a 4 to a 6, allowing both of them to achieve their desired place at college. I have also helped out students within my classes who were struggling with A Level Biology and Chemistry content as well as helped out students with their Latin grammar and vocaboulary.
I currently study Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, which is allowing me to have an ever deeper scientific and academic background which can be an extra weapon to help students of all levels who may be struggling.


 My Qualifications:

A Level Chemistry - A
A Level Psychology - A
A Level Latin - A
A Level Biology - B

GCSE English Language 9
GCSE English Literature 9
GCSE Chemistry 7
GCSE Biology 8
GCSE Physics 6
GCSE Mandarin 9
GCSE Religious Education 9
GCSE Latin 9
GCSE Maths 6


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I would like to donate 50p to support the wonderful charity The Access Project. Our tutors also have the opportunity to donate 50p from your lesson too!
Any money donated from our customers and our tutors, Cambridge Online Tutors will match to double the donation!