GCSE and IB ab Initio Japanese with Mila ようこそ!

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 My Bio

I am Mila and I got 9 in my GCSE Japanese as well as 6 in IB Standard Japanese. I am now studying Japanese in university and I love the language! So let’s explore JapanEasy together 🙂
I have JLPT N5 and I am currently preparing for N4

My Subjects

 My Experience:

My name is Mila and I am a student in university, studying BA Japanese and Global Development.
I have experience in informal tutoring and helping prepare for exam questions and essays. I have a lot of example answers and top tips for achieving A/A* in the subjects I have studied for my A-levels (AQA- Geography, English Literature, Sociology)
As you may have noticed from my university Degree, I have a passion for humanities and languages, so I enjoy writing essays (as strange as it may seem), so I will be more than happy to help you perfect your answers and gain confidence in your writing!
For Sociology I studied the following topics: Families and Households, The Media, Crime and Deviance, Theory and Methods
For English Literature I have studied the following pieces of literature: "The Colour Purple", "Feminine Gospels", Love Through the Ages poetry anthology, "A Streetcar Named Desire", "Death of a Salesman", "A Room With a View", "Othello". Additonally, for my coursework, I studied "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Doctor Faustus" by Marlowe in detail.

I speak 3 languages- Bulgarian (native level), English (fluent), and Japanese (Intermediate)


 My Qualifications:

AQA Geography - A
AQA Sociology - A
AQA English Literature - A
Extended PRject Qualification (EPQ) - A*
topic of EPQ: The impacts of Brexit on the Bulgarian community in England.
IB (Standard level)
Japanese - 6
Psychology - 6


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