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I have just finished my second year studying Mathematics at the University of Warwick. For me, the most satisfying part of learning maths and physics is when a problem that initially seemed insurmountable can be distilled into understandable steps that lead to a convincing solution. I have encountered the difficulties of this problem-solving process many times during my degree, which is why I find it really rewarding to share the methods I have found effective in overcoming them with others.

When tutoring a topic, I will plan the lesson around the curriculum relevant to you, using my experience to determine the key content required to answer exam questions. With these key content areas identified, I will break them down into manageable learning points, which I can explain using carefully selected examples. At this stage, interspersing my explanations with questions ensures that I can match and adapt my teaching to your needs.

After that, we move onto exam technique, working through exam questions designed to apply the techniques we have covered in the session and further your understanding. To finish, we review and discuss the material, perhaps picking out a topic to recap in the next lesson or exploring an alternative explanation for a certain concept. Practice is vital, so I will provide relevant exercises for you to become fluent in answering questions from the topic.

Whether you are struggling with a specific area or looking to excel, I look forward to supporting you in achieving your academic goals.

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 My Experience:

The opportunity to share my enjoyment of the sciences has been a strong motivator for me throughout my time as a student.

One of my first teaching experiences was in KS4 when I helped my chemistry teacher lead an after-school science club. In the sessions, we conducted experiments linked to the curriculum, such as using a microscope to observe how the heartrate of daphnia changes when they are introduced to a low-concentration caffeine solution (have a guess!). I felt practical activities like this gave participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the content they had seen in lessons and further explore their own interests within the sciences. I believe that going beyond exam questions and striving to answer the questions that you have about a topic is essential to gaining real understanding and affinity for the subject. Promoting this curious and interactive approach to learning is a central aim in my lessons, and I think online platforms like Zoom provide an ideal setting for this, given the interactive whiteboard and share screen features.

Before starting sixth form, I tutored GCSE Physics to a KS3 student. This involved planning lessons to introduce the GCSE curriculum in a way that built on his previous learning, providing personalised questions to offer a suitable level of challenge, and setting homework problems to reinforce ideas covered in the lesson, which I was able to offer feedback on. During the lessons I asked questions to check his understanding and encouraged him to query anything he didn’t understand so I could adapt my explanations. I was delighted to hear that the student went on to achieve a grade 9 in his Physics GCSE and that he recognised our lessons as catalysing his ‘ambition for learning’.

As a leader of the A level Maths club at my sixth form, I found that when students showed their working clearly on the whiteboards, we could easily identify the parts of a calculation they found difficult, accelerating their learning. This is a practice I think can be effectively replicated when teaching online, using a shared whiteboard to explain and apply problem solving techniques.

Most recently, I have completed a four-day teacher training course, focusing on the techniques that make engaging and effective lessons. This is part of my preparation for teaching Maths in a disadvantaged school in South Africa for six weeks this summer, an experience which I have been fortunate to access through the University of Warwick. My aim during this placement, and when tutoring online, is to support students in surpassing their own learning expectations.


 My Qualifications:

I have just finished my second year studying Mathematics at the University of Warwick. In my first year I achieved an average of 70% (first class).

At A Level I studied Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Chemistry (A*) and Physics (A).

I obtained 11 GCSEs, all at grade 9, including Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.


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