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 My Bio

Undergraduate at the University of St. Andrews. I’m an enthusiast about the English language and it’s literary history. I’ve tutored grammatical and analytical concepts for four years with consistent engagement from students. From classics to contemporary and historical obscurities, I have helped students excavate a text and construct meaning from it across multiple exam boards.

I will work closely and diligently with students of all abilities. My experience means I can help with everything from basic comprehension to Oxbridge applications. I enjoy lesson planning and will produce lessons individually in order to provide the best service possible.

My Subjects

 My Experience:

2023: I lead discussion groups in English for native Russian speakers in Limassol, Cyprus. This involved selecting books from array of genres and periods and discussing them in a simple but analytical manner.

2022: I taught children aged between four and sixteen English grammar and comprehension in Heaven Hill Academy, Nepal. This work was undertaken for an NGO.

2021: I tutored at First Class Learning in North Leeds, aiding primary school children with literary analysis and understanding.

2019: I tutored students at my high school in North Leeds who struggled with English comprehension.

Having briefly outlined my experience, I would like to highlight specific aspects of my teaching. First and foremost, I believe in personalised teaching; each student will think differently about languages and texts and this is something to be fostered and nurtured. When tutoring in the past I have tailored lessons individually, using different methods of engagement for different students. I am happy to recommend teaching aids outside of the curriculum if I think they will make a positive impact. For instance, using comic books as tools for students to better understand the plot of Macbeth alongside the original text. Secondly, I'm patient and friendly. I have helped fellow students at St. Andrews with their essays and understand the frustration that comes with studying at all ages and will work with students to overcome the fear of failure which so often makes studying seem tiresome or stressful.


 My Qualifications:

I am studying for an undergraduate degree in English at the University of St. Andrews.
At A-level, I achieved English A*, Biology A*, Psychology A* and a distinction in EPQ.
At GCSE, I achieved a 9 in both English Literature and English Language.


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